Rambling Away

Do you ever want to write solely to create. To feel the keys give way under your fingers as the letters show up on the screen. And yet you aren't quite sure what to write about?

I find myself there right now.

So in effort to not solely ramble about a desire to write, I'll bullet some thoughts I've got running around in my noggin.

* I'm hoping to get plugged in with a mom's group here in Houston soon. If all works out, I know of one that will start next week. Hoping and praying they have room for Zoë in childcare.

* I am typing this as Ben is watching The Aristocats for the first time. His Nanny gave it to Zoë for Christmas. Love this movie.

*Zoë is pulling out a quite a bit of firsts that I will be chronicling in her 10 month old post which is coming up on us quickly. I so cannot believe we're much closer to her first birthday than we are to her being just days old. Ben keeps saying time seems to have started moving faster since her birth. Unfortunately, I have to agree. There are so many times that I wish I could make time stand still. Just enjoy the little bits of her personality that blossom daily.

And apparently that's all my mind had room for at the moment. I'm gonna go finish the movie with the hubs and relax after a busy day chasing a baby.

Good night!

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