A Trip to the Zoo

This is so long overdue. But I still must post it. Because I want to.

One of Zoë's gifts from her Paw Paw and Honey (Ben's parents) was a Houston Zoo Pass.

That's right; for an entire year, we get to go to the zoo fo' free! (Well, it wasn't free but you get what I mean.)

So anyway, I think probably the first weekend we were back home, we decided it'd be fun to go. Even though it was quite cold and windy. Thus, we packed up and headed out. (I'm really glad we went earlier rather than later. You guys, people were fighting over good parking spots and traversing up and down the lanes in their vehicles when there was good parking just across the street.)

Once we arrived I was immediately in love. It's going to be a great place to visit with a toddler on a nice, spring day, take our lunch and just spend the morning out there. Seriously! Can't wait!

Now for a photo dumping. And I'll forewarn you, most of them are animals. The ones that would come out. HA!

Our first stop was the mini aquarium they have at the front of the zoo. Zo Zo loved watching the little jellies swimming around. I must admit, they were pretty cool looking.

Up close. Look at the one in the bottom right. Freakishly amazing!

We also found Nemo and his dad!

And DORI! (Hey Mr. Grumpy Gills...)

Oh and the bubbles obessesed guy was there too! (Anyone remember his name? No I didn't bother to surf the web for it thought I sure it's out there.)

Anyone else with me on thinking sea horses are awesome? (True story: Ben and I have watched sea horse babies be born. And dude, there are TONS of them when the dad gives birth. CUHRAZEE!)

Lion fish. Freaky lookin'.

Ummm...I don't remember what this fish was but I'm dying over here. Ben called it the "Elvis" fish. BAHAHAHA!

I love roosters. I would never want to own one because I might shoot it when it crows at 4 am, but I think they're gorgous!

Having some good ol' turkey talk. I'm so glad Ben Franklin didn't get his way. I love eating turkey :)

So, I wasn't aware that porcupines are all cute little rodents and only their tails have those nasty barbs. I mean, those cute, round ears are begging for me to scratch behind them :) (So, if you weren't already aware, I love animals. Not sure why I didn't become a vet...)

This STUNNING bird was shot. She doesn't have her left wing :'( Such a majestic looking bird!

Hey Louisiana, wassup!? (Dude would not quit moving! Glad I got this shot.)

Should have got a better close up of this.  Mee Mee! (Anyone know what I'm talkin' about?)

Hey there Mr. Bat! Can you teach me to hang like that?

Look at that goat! So cute! He wasn't so smart though. He tried to eat the zoo map Ben had in his pocket. LOL (Umm..gotta say, LOVED the beards on these guys :])



OMG you guys!

I was gonna caption this as "helping daddy brush the goat" and then...

...I saw his face! (Now I'm a believer...yeah yeah sorry!)

He looks like he's ready to kill.


He's brushing the goat


much better :)

Just to show how close the giraffes got. I'm not zoomed at all. They could have licked us if they wanted. And without sticking that ridiculously, long tongue out too far either!

Speaking of tongues...

Look at the cute baby!!!!!!

Jonothan the Lion. (yes, that's his name) Can I ask to take him home?

Pretty please? So he can be my Aslan? :)

I was so focused on getting her to look at the camera, the only good pic of her I'm not even looking at the camera. :/ But she's a darn cootie!

I wish I would have caught him throwing the hay on his back. He did not want to come out of his home. But for hay, heck yeah!

Those blasted wires were in the way :( Isn't the baby so cute?

I mean really? Makes me wanna hug him.

The monkeys weren't out. at. all. But I don't really blame them.

I felt horrible that we didn't have gloves for Zoë. Her poor little fingers were so cold :( I didn't think about it until way too late in the game (like, getting ready to leave) and even then, I haven't seen gloves her size to purchase :/

Our trip ended by us jumping someone off in the parking lot. Poor people were in town visiting, borrowing their son/brother's car and it wouldn't start. Thankfully, it jumped rather quickly.

I seriously can't wait to go back with Zoë. She loved looking at all the animals. And truth be told, I might have enjoyed it a bit more than her. Hopefully she'll like it just as much as she gets older.


  1. I was at the Houston zoo once. :)

    We need to go to ours again soon. It's pretty empty of people in the winter.

  2. awesome photos, and what a great gift for Zoe and your family...Thanks for stopping by my blog, Megan :)

  3. LOVE the pic of you & Zoe! And the lion!!!! LOVE the lion! :) Sorry you can't have him. I asked my husband if i could have the one at the NOLA zoo & he said no, too. :(


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