9/11: May We Never Forget

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I will never forget that day. Where I was: Sophomore year of high school American History - first period. What I was doing: taking notes as my teacher lectured. And how when we found out one of the World Trade Centers had been hit by a plane, we stopped what we were doing, and turned on the radio. Shortly after we found out our Librarian had turned on the Library TV. It was just down the hall. So we left to watch the news.

I watched live coverage of the second tower being hit. I was in so much shock I just stared, face in my hands, dumbfounded at the screen.

I really don't have words.

It still catches my throat and brings tears to my eyes.

What I can say is I hope we never forget the bravery of men and women who gave their lives that die. May we never forget how police officers, fire fighters, first responders didn't bail on their job that day, many giving their lives. May we never forget the "average" citizen who fought against the terrorism that day. May we never forget the event that affected so many families, causing them to lose loved ones.

And may it evoke within us a sense of pride for our nation, doing everything in our power to help keep it strong, to maintain the freedom that so many have fought and died for so that we might enjoy.

Never forget.

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