Our Weekend [4 Days Late...again - Ha!]

You guys, my brain won't stop spinning. There are some heavy topics on my heart and mind right now. But I'm still wading through them. Trying to decide whether to share or if they are for my heart alone at this time.

Since I'm unsure if I should wade those waters with everyone or just with God, I'm going to give a quick synapses of our Labor Day weekend. It was really nice. so cram packed with activities and people I didn't get a nap and I just realized how large the bags under my eyes were in my bumpdate picture for this week. We enjoyed ourselves, don't get me wrong, but there was a moment I woke up on the way home to Ben batting his eyes, so I slapped him. (Please understand, I don't walk around hitting my husband. This man sleeps like a log thus it was the only way I knew to get him to open and keep open his eyes.) Just sayin' - that sort of gives a picture of how busy and sleepy we were all weekend. (Ummm...Ben wasn't sleepy until he sat down, however, I almost fell asleep standing up a couple of times.)


I don't have a ton of pictures to share, because our camera was forgotten when we went to meet with friends Sunday for lunch and packed Sunday evening, again with friends, and then Monday when we were with Ben's family. However, I did capture Zoë's first time feeding the ducks:

That Goose...oh, that Goose! Thankfully all it did was hiss, but you better believe I would have tried to smack it if it came any closer. 

I love that Zo-bug was able to experience baby ducks in her first feeding experience. So CUTE!

My precious sweet bug! She LOVED it so much!

Mama with her babies :)

Zoë with her Gigi and Daddy feeding the ducks.

Uncle Jacob is the best :) (I didn't get any with Aunt Laura. BOO!! :( ) They pointed to ducks. Zoë wanted to get in the water too! Ha!

Attempting to wriggle out of his arms for a dip. See those rosy cheeks? It was H-O-T!!

We laughed when we first got to the lake because before we could get out, the ducks were waddling to our car. Our car, you guys! They know what people mean. HAHA!

The rest of Saturday was spent with some of my side of the family. I was so glad to be able to see my Great Uncle and Aunt as well as my Grandmother. I unfortunately forgot the camera while they were there so I didn't get any pics of Zoë with her Great-Great Uncle & Aunt or her Great-Grandmother. :/

Zoë did have plenty of time to experiment with climbing stairs. By the time nap time was coming around on Saturday (so all of a half-day, mind you), she had figured out how to get up to the 3rd step.

She decided one of her shoes needed to be up a step :)

However, by the time she reached that step, she'd also realized just how sleepy she was and figured she might rest her head a little:

My cutie patootie

The rest of our afternoon was spent taking Zoë outside, hanging out, eating Cane's (YAY! The closest one here is about 30 minutes away, BOO!), and playing Settlers of Catan. (If you've never played, it seriously is one of the best games ever!) I did happen to catch a quick snapshot of my brother with his niece :)

Ride a horsy, ride a horsy, ride to town....

We also saw a frog while we were playing settlers. I'm not sure why, but I think frogs (not toads, please do not get those confused. Toads are gross.) are so stinkin' cool!

I have to say the weird capture of my reflection added a unique touch to this photo. Ha!

Laura, my sister, tried to catch it, but it was a fast frog :( No froggy capture for us.

Sunday we spent time with some of Ben's best friends, people he's remained friends with from High School. We enjoyed our time, headed back to my parent's for a quick nap, and the packed up to go hang out with more friends.

I have to say as great as Sunday evening was with our friends, it made me really sad that we had to leave our small group. I loved the small group we had back in Baton Rouge. Such a great group of genuine, Christ-seeking people. I have hope to find such here, we're already making connections, but I just was reminded of what we already had and were building that we have to rebuild here.

You guys, I had been in Baton Rouge a little over 4 years to get to that point. Relationships, especially Christ-centered and edifying ones, don't just happen over night. They take time. Lots and lots and lots of TIME. *sigh* I digress.

After group we headed to Ben's parents house where we spent some time with his parents and older sister before bed. (Ben's brother-in-law wasn't able to be there due to being on call for his job that weekend.) By 9 we hit the sack. Ben and I were both suffering from horrible allergies and had taken Benadryl. I don't think you could have woke Ben if the house was burning down. And it took me hearing a baby crying for a while before I bolted, with heart racing, wondering if I had missed my child crying for a while. (Zo-bug was has been teething for a while now and that night was no different. Poor baby :( )

Monday was spent getting ready, letting the kids play, and then we headed out to meet Ben's Aunts for lunch at Cracker Barrel. I'm not a huge fan, but I figured since that's where they picked and they had a wide variety of food, it would allow everyone to order something they liked. Though our time with them was short, we really enjoyed the time we were able to spend with them.

Sort of off topic, I wish I would have remembered to snap a picture of the adorable bag one of Ben's Aunts embroidered for Zoë. I would totally have her embroider stuff for the next baby if we didn't live so far away. I may still considering I know I will get great work from her. If you live in the Baton Rouge area, I would totally recommend her. Feel free to contact me and I can give you her e-mail she uses to be in touch with clients.

All in all, it was a weekend full of memories even though I am still catching up on sleep. Ha! Our time was definitely worth it.

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