Praying for Him: His Priorities

Ah priorities!

I'm pretty sure I personally have a love-hate relationship with them. Like so much of this journey in praying for my husband, I have found and am constantly reminded I must begin with...you guessed it: ME! What I didn't need her to remind me of is how my priorities should fall.

I am a firm believer, when it comes to priorities, my priorities should look like this:
  1. God
  2. Hubby
  3. Kids
Omartian said essentially the same.

The two quotes that hit me the most were these:

"If God and spouse aren't clearly top priorities in your life, your husband will have less incentive to make them so in his." (p. 127)

"Priorities have to do with the position of the heart." (p. 128)

The first quote, well, it pierces me to the heart. Not because I don't want my priorities to fall in that order, but because sometimes I selfishly think to myself, "He isn't worried about making sure God is first and I'm next. Why should I care about him?" (Well, that was a bit revealing.) Yet, that is the me that I wish to leave at the foot of the cross. The me that I know is nothing like Christ. The me I so desperately ask God to change.

Thankfully, by His grace, a little bit of that dies every time I hand it up to Him. Do I think my struggle to keep my priorities right will ever completely go away? I honestly don't know, but I have the hope of knowing that He who began a good work in me will bring it about to completion and whether or not that is here on earth or once I am given a new body I trust Him to do what will bring Him the most glory (reference to Philippians 1:6).

The second quote is a great reminder for anyone and everyone in every walk of life. Why? Because there are times that you can't devote as much time to a priority as you think it should have, but if the priority holds the right position in your heart, it's going to show even if all you're able to give is minimal. (Well...that is honestly all I have to say about that.)

I have to say I was thankful for the reminder this chapter gave me this week. It gave me an opportunity to stop and look at whether my priorities are where they need to be or not. It is a place that I always hope I reevaluate, never growing complacent when I am doing well or giving in to self-defeat when I find myself needing to rearrange how my priorities look. 


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