Praying for Him: The Passion Inside

Over the next 30 weeks, which I started with an intro on May 1st, I will be doing a weekly series where I talk about my journey through Stormie Omartian's Power of  a Praying Wife. I felt led to pray for my husband, wanted to incorporate the book, but knew that doing a 30 day challenge was next to impossible. (Let's face it: life with a baby just-turned-Toddler changes and there are still nights with many wake up calls due to teething or illness. I'd already tried once and failed.)  So this series was born as a way to share, encourage, and hold me accountable to the commitment I made. I'll keep a list of links just below this on each post so you can easily access them all. Enjoy!


This week.

Well, everything seemed to fall off the face of the earth over here. Life just wasn't normal.

Not that it was bad or that I overfilled my calendar. I actually didn't. Most of it was spent at home with Zoë hoping that I would be able to be there for her throughout the day.

And though I'm not too sure the reason that I couldn't muster what I needed to get up in the morning to be quiet, I do know that the alarm was slapped. Multiple times.

My sleeping patterns haven't been the best lately, more or less that restless leg syndrome has the best of me for now.

And so in this, I have to confess that this week lacked heavily on the side of even spending time with my Jesus. Much less focused time in prayer.

But I'm learning God is gracious in many ways. And though this past week was not the best of my efforts mixed with some slight physical limitations, my heart is at peace knowing that God loves me even though I didn't bring my best last week. And will guide me in praying for my husband's purpose to be made known in the weeks, months, and years to come.

He is helping me to see that it's ok if I have to find a different way to work in my time with him than first thing in the morning. 

He is showing me that maybe I learned most this week by seeing that praying for my husband's God-given purpose isn't just going to be a one week thing (Let me say that I don't think any of the topics addressed in Stormie's book are a one time thing.), and that just by praying for it in a week doesn't mean that tomorrow Ben will suddenly know exactly what God has in store for him as far as living a life that is most glorifying to God.

That mentality of praying and it will be answered almost immediately. I think it pervades a lot of our thoughts. I know it can invade mine. Likely because we live in such an affluent country that is very much "I want it now so I'm going to get it now." And unfortunately, I'm not exempt from that struggle.

As I think about it, I realize that this week can really tie into last week where praying against fears can also open doors to pray for God's purpose for our lives to be shown to us and steps towards it made known. And yet there is always a caution of demanding it from God instead of asking Him to give us what we need to lean on Him even while we're waiting.

I know. It's not much for this week. But I'd rather be honest with you where I'm at. To hopefully serve as a reminder that we are human, we all need encouragement, and a great reminder, at least for myself, that I am in great need of God.

This life. Oh, this life! I cannot and desire that my heart never want to do life without Him.

I hope I never lose site of Him, no matter how much my flesh may fail.

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