Praying for Him: His Sexuality

Over the next 30 weeks, which I started with an intro on May 1st, I will be doing a weekly series where I talk about my journey through Stormie Omartian's Power of  a Praying Wife. I felt led to pray for my husband, wanted to incorporate the book, but knew that doing a 30 day challenge was next to impossible. (Let's face it: life with a baby just-turned-Toddler changes and there are still nights with many wake up calls due to teething or illness. I'd already tried once and failed.)  So this series was born as a way to share, encourage, and hold me accountable to the commitment I made. I'll keep a list of links just below this on each post so you can easily access them all. Enjoy!


I'm staring at my computer.

I mentioned last week how I knew this week would be difficult.

And I'm still not sure where to go with this. Partially because I don't even feel ok asking Ben if I can share these personal details of his life and mine on the internet. For everyone to see. Let alone if he was ok with me sharing. I'm not sure that'd I'd want to.

Not because there are many demons in this closet for us, but because I believe it was something created to be between a man and a woman and occasionally discussed in a trusted couneslors office, but even then I'm not sure how much is actually shared. There are also very close friends that some information may be shared, funny or serious, but even then it's a rare occasion.

One place my mind continually goes with this that I do feel ok sharing is this: I earnestly pray that I never hinder that precious part of my marriage because he isn't giving me something I think I deserve; I pray I don't withhold that precious need from him because of some offense I hold against him; I pray that this private part of our marriage blossoms and grows to be something that glorifies God, because as crazy at that sounds, He created it and as such it is glorifying to Him when it is used within the means He designed for it to be.

By the way, you read that word "need" correctly. For men, sex is a need, which is why mother's of sons should fiercely pray that they remain pure sexually until they enter a marriage. (I could write another whole post on why I believe purity is of utmost importance prior to and in a marriage. I'm not sure if I'll address this further on my blog or not. And by the way, I believe girls have the same struggle for maintaining purity but it comes out of a need for affection. Anyway, like I said, it's another post, maybe one day. Just know I'm not randomly throwing this out there.) It is why wives should fervently pray that this aspect of their marriage remains pure. (No, purity is not something that needs not be asked of God once married. It is a life time character trait always hanging in the balance of choices made.) Though I obviously am not able to speak to the male thoughts on this, I have heard stories of men who did some crazy stuff when this part of their marriage was left to rot.

As I keep staring at my screen with a little something coming to mind every now and then I realize how inadequate I feel to talk about this. Mostly because I'm not sure that I have anything worth bringing to the table about it that I feel free to share.

I guess the best thing I have for you this week is this:

     1) If you are married, pray that God would bless your marriage bed. Pray that Satan would not be given a foothold in any way in this area, because once it is lost I have heard it is one of the hardest to mends and it affects so many other areas of marriage, too. Pray that you would not withhold sex from him unless it is mutually agreed on and you are fervently praying together (see 1 Corinthians 7:5). (Also, it is understandable for it to not happen after baby or when one of you is ill. I'm talking about there is no reason you shouldn't be having sex.)

     2) If you are single, pray that you would remain pure. If you have already stumbled in this area, God has power and ability to help you become "pure" from your past. Not that you can take back your virginity, but God can help you to "erase" the memories created by the past. He can help you commit yourself to being made new (see Revelation 21:5). If you ask, He will do this for you. He has already promised.

And so I leave you with that. It isn't much, but it was what I felt I had to share. Next week we'll be looking at my week of praying for his affection.

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