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1. This photo about sums up my last two weeks, but even more so, this past week in general. Needless to say, I'm so thankful that it is Friday and will *hopefully* be completely done with a majority of these, minus the ol' faithful allergy meds, on Monday. Yes, I am glad it is Friday.
2. Which brings me to this: I actually am going to have a normal weekend! What is normal, you ask? My husband isn't working on Saturday which means we get to hang out as a family, I may or may not get to go grocery shopping alone (somehow, grocery shopping always falls on the weekend), and I'm not fully carrying the load parenting Zoë all on my own for two days. Yay! (Don't get me wrong. I absolutely, 100%, L.O.V.E. my daughter. Yet, as much as I love her, I need a break sometimes. SAHM is a full time job that is very wearing. Just like any good ol' job!)

3. Because my Sweet Pea and I just couldn't stay contained any longer, we finally went and got everything she should need, clothing wise, for fun in the Sun! I think a little 90 degree day kind of helped push us to make sure we have all our gear. And no, that isn't two bottoms. The cherry and flower bottom is a reusable swim diaper. Genius! The hat...I so hope she'll keep it on because otherwise, we'll be dealing with a good case of sunburned scalp. Ouch!
4. I no picture for this one, but it's a little difficult with a 13 month old getting in your face whenever you pull out the camera: reading has been a priority this week. Zoë has crawled up to me on too many occasions to count with book in hand, ready to read with me. Some weeks include this more so than others. This week was a high "I love books" week. Oh and sometimes, she has to read to me. In jibber jabber. Of course! Melts. my. heart!


5. This cutie patootie had a little photo shoot with me on Wednesday. I was trying to capture her outfit to show my sister. This shows just a bit of the antics I get when I pull out the camera and she allows her inner-diva and sillyness to shine. Such. a. ham! (Oh and don't let this fool you. We had a chair between us. It is the only reason I was able to capture this. Ha!)

What five things would you use to sum up your week?

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  1. Oh my gosh! That's a lot of medicine! Hope you are feeling better today.

    And yay for a full weekend with the hubs! I get one of those too... although I don't really need it yet considering he has only been back to work for one week. But come mid-summer I'll be wishing he had Saturdays off.


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