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Anywho, I wanted to link up with Amy for her The Awkward Years link-up. Too fun to pass up.

*Side note* Is it just me or is even the word "awkward", well, awkward? *end Side note*
I have no clue exactly how others are doing this, but I thought I'd share a couple of photos. Only one of them is slightly embarassing to mass produce (read: post online for anyone to see). The rest were bits and pieces of me that I found awkward through my middle and high school years.
So, let's get to it.
First up:

The arrows are all pointing to me. (How unfortunate! Ha!) Let me explain the numbers. (Oh and by the way, I defaced everyone because I didn't stay in touch with most of these people and don't know if they'd want this displayed on the internet. [aka I spared them the embarrassment :)])

1) I still had bangs. This was the 90s so maybe that still kind of fit in back then, but out of all those marked out faces, I think only 3 of us had bangs. Yeah. I was behind the times. (Though I'm pretty sure at this point I had already been pleading with my mom to let me grow them out. We still can't figure out why it took so long for her to get on board me as both my younger and older sister had grown theirs out. Weird.) (Also, I know bangs are coming back. I just am no fan of them for myself and wanted off that band wagon a long time ago. Nothing against them, and many people rock them, they just aren't for me.)

2) Ummm...that outfit. Yeah. I think it speaks for itself.

3) Notice out of all those feet I'm the only one rocking keds knock-off shoes. And colored socks. You guys, for F.O.R.E.V.E.R. I had to have socks that matched my outfit. Thankfully, I'd bypassed my sock rolling years by the time this photo was taken. (I'm talking literally rolled down. Not just folded over. *face meet palm* And no, I have no photo to show you. Betchya my mom does though.) Unfortunately, I missed the "pull your socks as high up as they go" band wagon. I liked to fold them over. Don't ask. I don't know. And I will forever only buy my child no-show socks for summer time. She can find some other way to embarrass herself. (read: embarrass me...I'm already asking God for the grace to let her be her own person and not worry about how that reflects on me. Within reason, of course.)

Oh boy! Was that a gem. And on to my next piece of black mail. Umm...yeah. I hope I never find any of this used to black mail me. Just sayin'.

So for this one, the photo itself isn't too embarrassing. I'm wearing clothes that I still wear today. (No. Not the actual clothing. Just the type of clothing: jean shorts and t-shirts. I don't think that will ever go "out of style". Not that it's really a style. It's just good ol' comfy clothes. 'Nough said.) 
However, the early 1900s called and they want my glasses back. (I'm not kidding. Check out this page on eyeglass history.)
I mean, really?! I still to this day don't know what I was thinking. I will give myself this margin of error: it is RIDICULOUSLY hard to find good looking glasses for my tiny face. Seriously. You, again, can ask my mom who has been with me many times. I'm pretty sure we go through about 50+ pairs every. single. time. 
Here's a little story on how difficult it is for me to find adult glasses that fit my face:
Just a little over a year ago I was looking for new glasses. The girl working was really sweet and trying to pull different frames for me that she thought would work. This one pair of kid sized frames fit my face really well but, boy, did I look like I was in high school. I quickly pulled them off. She asked me what I didn't like about them and I told her. She asked me how old I was. When I told her I was 25, she stared at me and apologized. She thought I was 18 and told me they were kids frames.
Yeah. It ain't easy finding a good pair of glasses for me that don't make me look 16.
I'm not complaining that I look young. I just don't need help in that department. I already get glares like I'm too young to have Zoë. Ha!
Sorry this one is fuzzy. I had to crop it so you could really see what I'm talking about for this one. The picture itself looks normal to most people. However, to me, it's embarrassing because I know that I'm not really smiling. I couldn't stand that gap between my teeth. I know it doesn't bother many people (I'm talking those who have a gap); I'm also well aware that many people never noticed mine, even if I was showing it. My parents paid a pretty penny to change my smile; they paid a pretty penny for me to feel comfortable truly smiling. The picture before this was a rare one in that you can see the gap I always covered when I smiled. Maybe not too awkward to some, but I find it a little strange that I worried about my smile. I am glad that I have the smile that I do now though :)
That about wraps up my post. I sifted through the pics I have and these were really the only ones I had stuff I could talk about. I know there are more, but they are all four hours away from my in a cabinet at my mom's house. Hope you enjoyed these gems! And click the button if you want to see other's posts they linked too!

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