Value: It's From Within

I'm loving how Twitter can keep me connected with the outside world without always having to turn on my T.V. to watch the news. I'm just not a fan of actually listening to all the brokenness of our world on a daily basis. Reading it isn't really my thing either, but I also feel I should keep up with it some in order to not be completely disconnected from the world I'm living in.

I just so happened to come across this post via a tweet earlier this week.

So I'm definitely behind the times in that I had no clue Beyoncé was touring, let alone the clothes she has chosen to wear on said tour. However, when I read this post, all I could think was "Amen, Bianca! Way to boldly and eloquently put out there what everyone needs to hear and be reminded of."

Honestly, I don't know that I have much to add to Bianca's letter.

Except maybe this: by God's grace, I pray that I can teach my daughter about the value of her body and that nothing can change her value in God's sight, but there are actions that would not be giving glory To God for or caring for the valuable body she has been given. I want her to see that her value is from within, not based off what she wears, does, or who she is friends (or not friends) with.

I hope that I can teach her to see the value in every human being and to help those who've been placed in her path that they are worth something. That clothing and character can be used in a completely flattering way without devaluing or shaming that which is there. Because, let's face it, value is internal and displayed externally by what we clothe ourselves with.

I hope I can teach her to help those who don't have a voice whether it was taken from them or they gave it away see that they can have a voice and that voice is worth something.

Thank you, Bianca, for taking the time to write a call to action. Thank you!


  1. Wow... that was a great letter that you linked!

  2. PREACH! i'll have to go read that letter.
    We have a saying in my house-hold "modest is hottest"
    And it is TRUE.
    Modesty is not only so important for the woman, but doubly important for the men!
    Thanks for sharing this!


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