Memory Monday v. 18

I want to cherish for a lifetime the way my husband opts to clean the dishes. Many, many nights.

Maybe it seems funny that this is what I'm thinking about and trying to will myself to cherish at the moment, but the truth is, I don't cherish it near the way that I should.

Oh, sure, I'm so very glad that he usually offers to help clean them, but I don't appreciate it to it's full extenet. I take it for granted. The way I take many other important parts of my life for granted. And because I'm not the best at giving myself grace and loving myself, how much harder is it for me to accept it from someone who genuinely loves me.

So I find little lies being whispered in my ear.

And I believe them.

Which only leads me to not fully embrace this loving act my husband so graciously bestows on me.

Maybe I shouldn't find this funny: that I'm willing myself to cherish this.

Maybe this is all part of praying for my husband, which just happens to be focusing on praying for his wife...me. At least, that is the focus for this week.

(And let me tell you, I'm having some eye-opening realizations. You can read more about that on Wednesday.)


I want this forever stamped somewhere I can see it to be reminded that many times it is the little things in life. And it's finding what you do have versus looking at the different flowers you don't have that are just on the other side of your fence. Because, let's face it: those flowers always looks better than yours. (Yeah. I changed it. Kind of tired of "the grass is greener" adage.)

We want what we don't have.

We find faults with what we do.

And unless we take the time to hone in on the good of what we do have, pray for what we desire, and know that if we never get it, God has far better in store that didn't include what we thought we needed, we'll always be able to find a way to miserable in the middle of our pansie garden if we see tulips just past our reach.

Hopefully, I'll remember this when I'm somehow finding a way to be angry with whatever my husband isn't doing I so wish he would.

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