As Plain As Day

That's right. I'm literally going to bullet out my thoughts for you.

Frankly, because that's all I've got rolling around up in my head anyway.

  • I feel my creative juices aren't flowing much these days. Instead I find myself lying around while trying to interact with Zoë. Not much help on the creative scale.
  • I'm oober behind on blog reading. And I'm not sure that I'm going to take all the time it will require to catch up. That's probably one of my labels you can use to pin me a bad blogger. But right now, I just am not up for that task. (It's currently at 234. And it's only gonna grow.)
  • I'm really ready to feel myself again. I've just not been feeling great and would love to be back to feeling good. It'd be even better if I knew that would be tomorrow. Of course, no one knows when that will be. Oh well.
  • Zoë has become a hoot and a little fiesty in these past couple of days. Some of it probably has to do with cutting teeth. (The fiesty part, that is.) 
  • I'm grateful that she is back full force. No fever. Only a minor runny nose. (Again, teething.) It just breaks my mommy heart to hear her cry from not feeling well. I could barely even touch her to change her diaper without causing her fever-aching body pain. :( No beuno!
  • I'm looking forward to Wednesday of this week because I'm auditioning for the worship team at our church. I've really missed being able to serve in that capacity and hope that it will work out. I'm slightly nervous as I've not regularly played piano in well over a year now. My skills are quite diminished...but I'm hoping that I've retained enough to still play simple worship music.
  • I'm pretty sure I did a one-armed wrestling match in my sleep and brutally hurt my left arm. To move it is to wish that I didn't have to. Try lifiting a kid with that lovely addition to your physical strength. Not sure why but I kind of wish I knew what I did exactly. Then maybe I'd know exactly what stretches I need to be doing to work this horrid kink out.
  • We have discovered that I have a fellow ice lover in our family. Any time Zoë sees me with a cup of ice she toddles over to my side and starts asking for some. Maybe it's because it's so tiny a sound and her mouth is just as small that I find her crunching ice the cutest thing in the world.
  • Some people told me I would dread the day Zoë started walking, yet I've actually truly enjoyed her walking. Yes, she has found a few more things to get into, but she's left many of the old attractions alone. And I love seeing her follow us around. Hearing her walk and talk. Just so much to love about a toddler :) (Yes. It has it's not fun parts, but c'est la vie.)
  • Because I've not had the gusto to get up at 6am over the past several weeks, I've also found my time in the word lacking. Not to mention I've fallen off the SSMT 2013 train. I've thought about taking a break from all social media except Twitter - I'm not attached to it like my other forms of social media because I don't have a smart phone, though it's the only one I regularly update - and any internet usage aside from bill pay and my e-mail. I seem to waste time surfing the web with nothing to show for it. Not even on Pinterest, but what can I say. I'm not a heavy pinner. And even then, I don't think that's really worth the time that it sucks away from me. I guess we'll see if I decide to dive head first into this or not.
  • I'm quite shocked that I had to order size 2T shirts for my little girl today. She by far doesn't fit the weight range for them. But she fits the length and her 18-24 mo size tops are nearing the too short, show-the-midrift mark. Too. soon. She's only 16 months, for crying out loud! I ordered size 18-24 mo pants, though I'm pretty sure we'll be laughing about those not fitting her waist but being perfect in length. :/ What can I say. The child inherited her bean-pole-as-kids parents' genes. She was doomed to have this kind of a physique. 
Well, that about sums up the majority of what's swimming in my head. I'm hoping to maybe be bit by a creative bug here in the near future. Maybe even feel like I've found my voice, because, honestly, I don't feel like I've quite found my writing niche, but the only way to do so is to keep writing. Maybe I'll dabble in poetry again. Or I've even been inspired by my bloggy friend Amy who wrote this awesome creative post and made me want to dip my toes in the waters of creative writing again.

Hmmm...I kept all my stuff from high school. I just may have to go read through some of those stories and poems...

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