Frankly Friday v. 6

Linking up with the lovely Amy for another Frankly Friday :)

  • frankly, all I have for you is a bunch of bullets in looking back on my week. it's been a while since it's only been bullets, so here goes :)
  • this week was crazy busy in that I had to get to my church for VBS every day by 8:30. This was a feat, in my opinion, considering I've been exhausted, VBS only increased the latter, and I, on most days, was bringing myself, a 10 year old, and a 16 month old. No, it isn't several kids under the age of 4, but still, I found this to be a God-worked miracle.
  • I'm still amazed by how well my Zo Zo is walking. She went from nothing without assistance to almost sheer perfection in a weeks time. And to be honest, apparently she wasn't that wobbly for a "beginner", says many been-there-done-that moms.
  • I'm also impressed with the fact that the day she started walking was also the very first day she got herself from sitting to standing without any assistance. It's as if she had calculated all it would take, knew she was ready, and did it.
  • This leads me to my next bullet: the complete realization Ben and I have had this week that our child is very calculated in everything she does. If it's going to be done, she wants it to be done right. And she gets very frustrated with herself or with whoever she has deemed worthy of helping her at the time if it isn't done just so. Ben keeps saying she's my child, and though have been like that since I can remember, we were also told that Ben used to be that way with some stuff as a kid. So she may grow out of it...or not.
  • I am so excited about going to visit some of my family in NWA! I love getting to spend time. Yay for time with all the sisters together!! (My lil sis and her new hubby are going to be up there too!!!) Bummed our brother can't join us :( We will miss you Jeff!
  • That said, I'm hoping the drive tomorrow goes well. Hopefully the swap of Little Miss' car seat from rear to forward facing will help. She seems much more content getting to look out. Maybe this will mean no fussy sessions in the car. I can dream, right?
Annd that's about all my brain is giving me right now. Hope everyone had a lovely week and enjoys their weekend!

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