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Ahh. Alas, it is Friday. I'm not even sure why I care because that means nothing to me. I will wake up and be a mommy all over again tomorrow.

Oh wow...I'm kind of complaining about that. Maybe writing a post when my eyes are heavy and my head wishes for a pillow isn't such a great idea. Because truth told, I love being a mommy. I wouldn't trade it for the world. But just like any good ol' job, there are bound to be moments my humanness (is that a word? Oh well...I just made it one if it isn't.) comes out and I complain about the lot I'm living.

Just keepin' it real.

Because something that has crossed my mind a lot lately is how little days of the week, or even holidays for that matter, really mean to me. Typically, if you were to ask me what day it was, I'm not going to know unless I've had a prior engagement or some kind of appointment to keep.

You guys, I'm being so serious that I have a wonderfully, funny story to share with you about July 4th.

Because well, as stated above, days of the week and holidays aren't on my radar on a consistent basis. I guess this means that I'm only going to keep up with Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Other holidays just well, let me tell you my little story.

So it's 5 am on the 4th of July. Ben had been seeming like he was getting sick so I banned him to the couch for the night. We didn't want to risk me getting whatever it was. (Maybe we're weird. We're weird.) Even though I'd banished him from our room, I'd forgotten to turn off the alarm. Why on earth would I want to wake up at 5 if he's not in the room? He's old enough to know to set his phone alaram, right?

Either way, I forgot.

So I got an unwarranted, unwanted wake-up call at 5 am.

Silence from the living room.

I fall back asleep after punching the snooze button.

I wake 10 minutes later to still see pitch black from out my bedroom door. I hear no sounds coming from the bathroom. And I still haven't heard a single sound from the living room.

Being the good wife that I am, I took it upon myself to groggily make my way out of bed and moan at Ben that he should be getting up. Right now! He moaned some response and semi-started moving.

I thought that maybe it was his normal morning slowly waking up routine and frustratingly shuffle back to bed to cozy under the covers and try to enjoy another hour of sleep.

By this point, I've forgotten that I've already reset the snooze on the alarm. And anger ensues the next time it goes off.

I have no. grace. for him now. I move myself to the living room as fast as possible. The second I'm next to the couch, I immediately bark, "Do you KNOW what TIME it is?! You're going to be late for work! Why didn't you set an alaram for yourself!?!?!"

He rolls over. Stares at me. And figures out that I'm crazy because, "Megan...it's the 4th of JULY!"

HELLO?!? Earth to Megan? Are you even aware that many workers are given the day off for this should-never-be-forgotten holiday? Where has your brain gone since you've entered the land of mommyhood?

Yep. That happened. Just a few short weeks ago. (And now I'm lamenting the fact that time seems to be flying and yet it's moving at a snails pace. I'm telling you, time is no longer my friend. Wait. Was it ever?)

So back to my point - days and holidays aren't on my radar.

While that isn't necessarily a bad thing, there isn't any great reason that I've lost track. The prideful, look-at-me part of myself wants to be able to tell you it's because I realize that days don't really matter, what matters is keeping my focus solely on Jesus and living every minute I have for Him and the purpose He's placed me here for - to make Him known and declare His glory. To tell you that the reason I forget days is because all I care about is Him, that would be wonderful.

But it's so. not. true.

In fact, it's not even the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning. (Jesus, how I need you! How I need you!!)

That is a humbling thought.

And while I'm just processing all this now, some part of me knows it's only the beginning. I'm no where near telling you how this realization is going to change my journey.

What I can say it that I hope I will look back on this and see how God has used this thought process to mold me more into His image. To make me more dependent on Him. To help me remember that every moment I am given is to be used for Him and to constantly be in communion with Him seeking His guidance so those moments truly are for Him and Him alone.

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