Dejá Vu

First off, was my last post really last Wednesday?! I thought for sure I had posted at least on Thursday and possibly Friday, but alas, everything seems to melting together these days and I sometimes don't know my right from my left. Well, that's going a little far, but still. I think you get the point.

Anyway, this week is sure to be full of fun. And exhaustion.

I woke up this morning dragging my feet and wondering if I was going to have all the energy I did when I was camp counselor back in high school. Not really sure why, but preparing myself and Zoë to leave this morning was vaguely remeniscent of those good ol' days.

Whatever it was, I felt like I was gearing up to be a camp counselor for my church's VBS that kicked off this morning. Part of me wondered if I would have the stamina to make it through, especially considering my recent dealings with RLS and extreme fatigue. (I'll post more on that in a few weeks. Just not quite ready to talk extensively about all that yet.) I thought for sure I would crash and burn at some point, ready to completely hand over the reigns to my middle school helper. (Who is AWESOME! by the way :)

Yet, God gave me everything I needed. It was a sure sign to me that I wasn't hearing Him wrong when I felt He was laying it on my heart to sign up for this week.

(Total side note: as I'm typing, someone is rolling through my apartment's parking lot with their bass so loud that it's making me sick. How do people stand that? Am I wrong to think that just maybe they are already deaf? Or is that me giving them to much credit for being considerate of others? No this is not a pet peeve of mine at all...I will say that I am way sensitive to bass, but still...really?! I digress.)

Anyway, so the morning ran by rather smoothly.

And I made it all the way through with a genuine smile on my face, the right words to help all 10 (Yes. You read that right. I felt like I had a whole huge family I was guiding and helping and teaching.) of my kids enjoy their morning, and the patience to deal with those who kept talking or couldn't sit still or when they all started getting antsy. I mean, I have 10 kids with the oldest being no older than 11 as they are going in to 5th grade and the youngest are going into 1st grade which means they're...what? 6? It's literally like having to keep a family together and functioning.

Here's to hoping I sleep well enough this week that my trip to Arkansas on Saturday isn't a complete disaster. And maybe Zoë will be so tired from it all she'll take lots of great naps in the car on the way. Or at least stay entertained all by her lonesome.

I truly hope that I'm able to help these kids grasp what we're learning. Today was all based on how God's love helps us to stand strong. The entire week is based on teaching them how God has placed so many different things in our path to show us that He loves us and cares for us.

The day surely felt like dejá vu, but of the best kind. And not really in a weird way.

Here's to an entire week filled with lots of kids!

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