Oh, How Wrong Was I?

But, I was wrong. (Well...if that wasn't a bit obvious, but still. Had to try for good measure :)

Because you see, Ben is very sneaky. And very forward.

After our only two real, conversation-invoking encounters, he knew he was attracted. So when I lost my phone, he was quick to hand out his phone.

And boy did God orchestrate which phone I took. I mean, I could have cared less which phone, I just needed one. And both Ben and Shane shoved their phones out for me to use. Yet, I grabbed Ben's.

I thought nothing of it and just enjoyed the company of lots of people as we continued to hang out that afternoon once the move was complete.

And though both of our brains are a little fuzzy on when he first texted me, we do know that there was at least almost a weeks time between his opporutnity to save my number and contacting me. Which was even more reason for me to believe that I had either heard God's voice wrong or Ben wasn't listening to God's voice. Either way, I thought for sure we'd never end up in a relationship.

(Side note: I wasn't pouting or anything over Ben not contacting me. And it wasn't like I had this perfect plan in my mind of how it would work. I just couldn't imagine how if from being around each other those two full days and some throughout the week, including a 2 1/2 hour conversation between just us after the group had gone to a movie, he wasn't asking for my number or trying to find ways to contact me [he was on FB back in those days] so that we could build a friendship, I saw no possibility for a dating relationship ever forming.)

And then sometime in the two weeks after the first move, I got a text. From Ben.

(Ummm...I'm starting to realize how fuzzy dates are and I think I need to correct what I've written in the other posts. We know for sure that we met Super Bowl Sunday in February 2009. However, as I think more about time frame, I'm also thinking that I was wrong in saying we moved his sister early March '09. I'm pretty sure that happened sometime in February. But exactly when, well it's all just some fuzzy dates now that don't matter.)

And we started hanging out. He would ask me over to watch Heroes. And would seek me out when our group of friends were together.

The more he sought me out, the more I knew in my spirit that I had heard God's voice right and indeed we would end up together if we kept pursuing Him.

And then, it happened.

Our church Youth Music & Drama program was putting on a production of Les Misérables. I had asked Ben's sister and her husband to join me and the rest of my family. They said yes and ended up inviting Ben, who also said yes. I had already planned on riding with Ben's sister and since we were all going to be together they asked Ben if he wanted to meet up with us too.

Thus we all enjoyed one another's company to the play, enjoyed the play, and then decided to enjoy some IHOP afterwards.  (Oh, my! Typing that makes me want to go eat there. right. now!) By the time all was said and done, it was midnight when we got back to our cars and were about to head off.

But, Ben just couldn't keep his mouth shut ;) (Since many of you have not met Ben in person, I will elighten you: he is a talker. Much more so than my family likes to joke about me talking. However, I only talk when I'm comfortable. Ben...well, he can orrate long speals to anyone who will listen. And yes, I love and hate him for it :) And so we stood their talking for only God knows how long.

I was getting ready to say I needed to leave when Ben started getting a little awkward with his talking. I stood there wondering if I knew what he was going to say, but just waiting for him to say whetever it was he had to say. At the end of whatever he said, (no...i don't remember everything he said.) he asked me out.

And even though I had sworn I would never (Yeah...don't ever test God with that word. He will prove you wrong.) date anyone again who I hadn't known for longer than and been friends with for two years, I was the happiest girl on the planet in that moment.

Everything became fast after that: a few short months after we'd been dating he told me he loved me, though we have both said that sometimes we wish he'd have waited just a little longer. A few more months and we started talking about the idea of marriage and how that would play out with him finishing school and finding a job. And only 9 months after we started dating (Yep. It was short.), he popped the question, which though isn't a long story, will be saved for a post all it's own.

We planned our wedding over a 10 month period and the rest is history. We'll hit 3 years this coming October. And while marriage is hard and sometimes I want to flee like I'm trying to escape a plague (Just being honest here guys.), I wouldn't trade being married to Ben for the world. I love him more than I did yesterday, and as a general rule of thumb love the memories we make together.

And that is our story.

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