A Low-key Weekend

Well, I'm not sure I napped enough, but that being said, I know that I took several naps off and on all weekend. And it was glorious.

To say I needed a low-key weekend after hosting my parents and then my in-laws is an understatement.

Not that we didn't enjoy our time with them. I just drain my batteries even when I'm spending time with people I enjoy spending time with.

Anyone else understand my sentiments here?

Friday started like all the others, willing myself out of bed so that we could eat breakfast and greet the new day.

But, for the first time, and hopefully not the last, we went to a play group one of the gals from church had told me about. Though Zoë is "behind" the other kids in that she's still not walking, she seemed to enjoy all the mayhem around her while she found toys to entertain herself. Not a complaint was heard from her little mouth, while I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new faces and getting to know a few people I've met better.

The exciting part of this is that they meet weekly, pretty much. And so hopefully, we will begin making connections through some of the people here and building friendships.

Another place to connect. Yay!

Friday afternoon and evening was spent relaxing around the home, enjoying one another's company, and watching How to Train Your Dragon. Ben was ready to watch it, as it was his Father's Day gift, and we'd yet to watch it.

To say that we love animated movies around here is likely a gross understatement.

It was nice to "sleep in" Saturday morning, as Zoë slept until almost 7 because Ben wasn't rummaging around getting ready for work. I'm certain that I was not blessed with the deepest of sleepers when it comes to children. She did not get her father's genetics here. I've never been able to sneak in on her during naps, never know if she'll wake if I have to go in her room at night, and certainly know that she wakes early in the morning because of Ben getting up and moving around.

Saturday was a mostly lazy day where we watched as Zoë continually took more and more steps on her own, read books to her, and likely the same one 1405398 times, and tried to get her to laugh. Or really, she was trying to get us to laugh. She's a clown, I tell you. She loves getting people to smile.

She also is in the phase where she wants everyone around her to mimic her. Fun times.

Saturday afternoon we went on our weekly grocery shopping trip. Though I used to go in the middle of the week, it somehow started falling on the weekend, and Ben really likes going grocery shopping together so I don't object. I'm certainly no fan of the grocery shopping so it's nice to have someone with me.

Saturday night we went on a home date, which is almost always what happens right now because they are the cheapest :) We enjoyed yummy Chick-fil-a sandwiches and rented Oz the Great and Powerful.

To be honest, I wasn't impressed. If you follow me on twitter you might have already seen that I wasn't impressed. The acting wasn't bad, the story didn't capture me though. It was also highly predictable which was not made up for in other areas of the movie. I mean, most of us know Dorothy's story from The Wizard of Oz and many of us have seen the Broadway musical Wicked, or read the book. There isn't too much we don't already know. And so I feel that better be covered for in other areas of the story.

But it was lacking. So much so that I picked up my iPad forty minutes in and started fiddling around on it.

Then there was Sunday. The day that I love because I know that I'm generally guaranteed at least a 2 hour nap and we have church in the morning. Though I'd be lying if I said that I was more excited about church than the nap this weekend. It's just the way things happen sometimes.

I did really enjoy the message our pastor spoke on this Sunday - he delved into how a critical spirit can quickly kill everything around it. Ouch! It definitely was convicting, but in a way that was also very uplifting. I certainly walked away with a lot to think about in hopes of keeping my heart in a good place.

We then came home, ate lunch, and napped.

We also finally purchased Zo bug a life vest, which we've desperately needed. I've started fearing for her life in the pool because she starts thrashing and trying to get out of our arms. A little nerve wracking for me to say the least. Hoping that the life vest will help keep her face up and enjoy the water a little more freely.

Oh and in other news, she is now forward facing in her car seat. Her poor little legs were all squished up against the seat that I just couldn't hold out until 18 months. I know the new AAP guidelines suggest waiting until 2 years, but I'm not so sure I'd have been able to take her anywhere if we'd waited that long. Ben and I discussed it, and considering she meets the requirements for forward facing in her seat, we agreed that she was stable enough to ride forward. Her seat also has an intermediate reclining position for forward facing. Yay!

All in all, we had a wonderful, low-key weekend. One much needed around here.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable too!

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