A Quick Update

So I didn't do my normal Power of  Praying Wife post yesterday. For those of you who missed the posts mentioning it, I drove up to North West AR on Sunday to visit my older sister and her fam, as well as my little sister and her hubby who were also visiting. I drove home yesterday.

I had been planning on writing a short get to know me type of post for yesterday, but I just never got around to it.

And now we're battling full force some illness over here.

My poor little Zo bug has been teething and now is running a fever amongst other maladies. We're going to the doc today to make sure there isn't anything we can do for it. You know, make sure no sinus infection or ear infection. That sort of thing.

Though I'm not a medicine pusher, I'm kind of hoping there is something I can do other than hugs, ibuprofen, and giving her watered down gatorade. It's no fun seeing your baby sick.

Anyway, I'll likely be taking a short hiatus since she's needing a lot of my attention right now and I'm still pretty exhausted myself.

Hope everyone has been enjoying their week and enjoys the finish to it!

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