50 Tidbits About Yours Truly

While you're reading this, I'm enjoying time with my two sisters. And though I wish that our brother could have joined us so that it would have been a reunion of just the siblings, I'm also liking that it's just sister time, too. I was a little bummed that Ben wasn't able to come up with me so that it was all the sisters with their spouses and kids, that would be a first.

Anyway, in effort of keeping it light, and in hopes of letting you get to know me just a little bit better, I'm going to try to give you 50 itemized tidbits about myself that you may not know. Be prepared. This is very, very random.

50.  (Yes. I'm starting at the end. No, not because I have some huge lead up to number one...at least, I haven't thought that far yet. Sorry if that was a big let down, but it's the honest truth :) I'm extremely particular about how my covers are at night in order for me to fall asleep. I've also been known to wake up and have to fix them in the middle of the night. Thankfully, I didn't wake up because they were "messed up". I'm not that weird ;)

49. I had a very sneaky appendix that hid behind my colon and tried to trick my doctor into thinking I didn't need an emergency appendectomy. That could be an entire blog post. It was an all day escapade that ended up with it not being removed until around...oh 1 am I do believe.

48. I do not like my food on my plate to touch if I can help it. That is, for foods that weren't premixed (i.e. casseroles, pasta with the veggies put in it, etc).

47. I love to read and yet lately I'm so tired I tend to veg more with my iPad or computer. Sad days. I may need to do a technology fast.

46. I loathe grocery shopping. So much so that because Ben enjoys going with me, I have no motivation to go during the middle of the week anymore. It accidentally fell on a weekend one time and it hasn't changed since then.

45. My favorite ice cream generally is Blue Bell Vanilla Bean. I'll crave others at times, but on a typical day your plain ol' vanilla bean works just fine for me.

44. I have an off/on love for knitting and crocheting. I recently picked it back up, but...well, see the end of #47. It applies here too.

43. I love the science of the body and have thought about going back to school to get my RN.

42. Out of the many Disney movies we own, my top three are #3 - 101 Dalmatians, #2 - Beauty and the Beast, and #1 - Ratatouille.

41. I have worn glasses since I was twelve and contacts shortly followed.

40. On that note, I wasn't able to wear contacts during my pregnancy with Zoë because my hormones made my eyes dry out. Thankfully, it didn't change my prescription.

39. I used to be a tummy sleeper until I had to start sleeping on my side during pregnancy. Now I'm a half-tummy, half-side sleeper.

38. I only fall asleep on my back if I'm utterly exhausted because I can't stand the way big pillows prop me up and I can't stand the feeling of not enough support.

37. I've been told that I pronounce my "r"s funny at times. However, I don't do this on purpose and cannot reproduce it if asked.

36. I've never had braces, though I did have this stinkin' awful mouth piece that I'm pretty sure made me slighlty look like an alien.

35. My two front teeth are fake. Unfortunately, no cool story behind that, just cosmestically it was the only way to "fix" my teeth. Braces wouldn't have worked.

34. Of all the vegetables that I really enjoy, I have to like one of the ones my husband isn't a fan of. You must understand that you can count on one hand the foods he doesn't like, whilst I'm the complete opposite. But of course, I love broccoli and it's on his hold-my-nose-and-scarf-it-down list. (well...nothing is that bad for him, except apparently brussel sprouts. But, I wouldn't know because I've never seen him eat them.)

33. I eat homemade popcorn so much Ben jokes about me having an addiction.

32. My favortie gummi bears are Haribo gummies. As in, when my sisters ex boyfriend (It's ok. They got back together and now they're married so I'm glad I have this story. Oh and she told us she was fine with us still being friends and really meant it too.) asked if I had any special requests before he came to visit us at the hospital after Zoë's birth, I requested Haribo gummies. Of course! That's a no brainer ;) He made my day. It's really my favorite memory, outside of the epic, can't-ever-be-matched-because-it-solely-belongs-to her birth of my baby who made me a mommy, while we were coming to grips with the fact we were parents. (Um...I still kind of have moments where I am baffled that I'm a mom.)

31. I love the sound of my fingers moving across a key board, like the one I'm typing on now, not an electronic piano with/without weighted keys. I like the sound so much, that I have sat in front of the computer, typing away with nothing in mind sheerly because I love the feel of the keys moving and giving way to the pressure from my finger tips.

30. I've played piano since I was 6 years old.

29. I always tell Ben that the day we can afford one, we will find room in our home to house a piano. My fingers miss their love affair. ummmm...miss their first love. Yeah. That sounds much better. And appropriate.

28. I'm a bit shocked that I rarely touched a piano the first year of Zoë's life. And the reality of how much that made me lose in playing ability has me slightly depressed.

27. I am such a home body and introvert that generally the thought of staying home and doing something around the home by myself is more appealing than getting out of the house to go somewhere.

26. Our fridge is so small that even if I wanted to cook 2-3 nights in a row and then eat left overs, I couldn't. Our fridge can barely fit the normal food plus left overs from one meal. It is the fridge that came with our apartment, so one day that will hopefully be fixed if we're living in the continental US.

25. I prefer to use natural light to brigthen rooms and the home than any artificial lights. There is really only a problem with this during the summer when the sun is so blazing hot, that our home can become a bit warm, too.

24. As much as I love nicknames, I have yet to come up with one that will stick for Ben. Though, Ben is technically a nickname. Technically.

23. Though I don't live with regret over how Zoë's birth story unfolded because I was given a beautiful, healthy baby in the end, and thankfully without a c-section, there is a lot that I wish wouldn't have happened or would have been different that I'm realizing the more and more I think about how it unfolded.

22. I try to keep my 32 oz Nalgene handy most days. I can't stand how I feel if I don't drink at least two of them a day.

21. If I had to pick between milk or dark chocolate, it's gonna be dark. Hands down. So much so that I may decline the offer of milk chocolate. I am pretty sure that I have a slight sensitivity to chocolate and dark doesn't bring it out as much. Though, I'd still rather dark even if I didn't have the sensitivity.

20. I have so many seasonal allergies my family has joked for forever that I'm allergic to air. And I must say that I have joined in with joking about it too.

19. I had a filling abcess on me when I was ten which lead to me needing a root canal. I made it more than 10 years without that tooth being crowned so that I could have it crowned only once. I was quite proud of that accomplishment.

18. I took gymnastics for several years as a kid and quit when I was asked to be on a team. My parents decided me being on a team would be too much. I'm not sure if we just couldn't find a place for me to continue or what, but to this day I wish I had been allowed to compete. (No. This isn't something I've kept from my mom. We've talked about it. No hard feelings. :)

17. I love dance and wish that I would have taken it as a kid.

16. The first car that I drove, well I shared it and our family swagger wagon with my mom, was a black Toyota Corolla that I nick named Yoda the Toyota.

15. I enjoy naming my vehicles, as noted by #16, and call my current Nissan Altima Zeus.

14. I have gone on two seperate mission trips to Trinidad and hope to find a way for my family to go on them, whether local or overseas, as Zoë, and any susequent children we may have, gets older.

13. I frequently forget what day of the week it is. I have no reason to stay on top of that. I even forgot about the 4th of July this year and woke Ben at his normal time and wondered why he ignored me twice until he reminded me of the holiday. Kudos to me!

12. Though it's not common to find me oustide without shoes, you will rarely find shoes or socks on my feet when I'm inside. I'm just not a fan of having something on my feet.

11. I'm not a big fan of high heels. I've always preferred to wear flats and love that flats are becoming more stylish and dressy. And not so old fashioned. (i.e. penny loafers.)

10. I call myself a night owl, though many days with Zoë, or activities like last weeks VBS, have me asking for my pillow by 8:30. However, if I had my wish I'd be able to wake no earlier than 8 am and stay up until around 11 pm.

9. As much as I love this age of digital photography that allows for lots of crappy prints that you don't have to print with really great ones that you can decide to, I sometimes wish it was back to the regular film because then I'd actually print the pictures I want to put in photo albums or frames. Though I have lots of pictures around our home already, it's hard to update them because...well, for one I get attached to the ones up and we don't have room for others, but I also don't ever remember to print those that I'd love to have in a photo album or frame. *sigh*

8. My favorite fountain drink is Root Beer. Well, that or Cream Soda. Oooo...Red Cream Soda. Ok. ok. It's a three way tie. But one of the things I love most, is they all can come caffiene free so I didn't have to give them up when I was preggo with Zo Zo.

7. I think it'd be fun to learn how to sew and to get a monogramming machine and start my own busisness. Then again, I could easily see myself puttering out quickly.

6. My favorite color is blue.

5. I used to not like pink but since having Zoë I can't seem to find much with pink in it that I don't like. Ok, so that's going a bit overboard, but I seem to love pink and could find a way to splash pink into something if I really want to.

4. You will almost always find an extra pony tail holder on my left wrist. I can't stand to not have an extra if I need one. And I've found that sometimes they come in handy for someone else. They were also great for when Zoë was still only crawling but I wanted to put her in a dress. Tie up the back and never think about it again.

3. I turn my phone off during nap time every day. Even if I'm not going to nap, I don't want to be bothered during my peace and quiet that I'm given between 7 am and 7 pm.

2. I have lived in five different states and 7 different cities in my life time. Though some of those were only for a summer.

1. As much of a dog lover/animal lover that I am, these days I have found myself actually thinking how nice it is to not have a pet because then I don't have to worry about who is caring for them when we go out of town or I'm leaving with Zoë and Ben will be working most days. I find this weird that I think this way because I used to care less about having to find someone to care for my pet.

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