Praying for Him: His Reputation

So, honestly, some weeks kind of feel like a repeat of the last. Or that they are so, so similar it's almost like I've already been praying for this. I don't know if I just think a little differently than Omartian or I just don't have as much experience in praying for my husband, but either way, I almost lag in praying for the weeks topic in Ben's life simply because I find it repetetive.

So I find myself just praying for Ben. Whatever seems to come to heart.

This isn't because I don't care about his reputation; it is completely the contrary: I really care about his reputation. When something happens that seems to possibly taint his "record" it brings worry and prayer to the forefront of my mind in that area for Ben.

However, I think I stepped into reading this with the expectation that each week would be something completely new and not be so related it feels like I'm just praying for the same thing over again. And oh how expectations can ruin situations in a jiffy! If I'm right on the money, Satan is trying to use this as a ploy to stop me in my tracks of praying for Ben.

Thankfully, that has yet to happen. Yet, I really need to remain on my guard, making sure that I don't find myself complacent in praying just because everything is going rather smoothly at this time.

While I don't have much to say about praying for your husband's reputation (or a close friend's or your own) this week, I do think that I'm looking forward to being done with this series because then instead of working on just the chapter I'm in that week, I will feel a bit more free and have a bit more knowledge to pray over whatever area God seems to be saying is in need in that moment. Not that I'm not free to do so now, I just won't be commited weekly to a certain topic of prayer.
On May 1st, I began this journey of praying for my husband using Stormie Omartian's Power of  a Praying Wife. I have always felt that praying for my hubby should be at the top of my list, yet I seem to really do it consistently or, better yet, to know how. Somewhere at the beginning of the book, Stormie suggests taking a 30 day challenge and praying through a chapter a day. I tried and failed, because, well, let's face it - life with a toddler changes constantly and some nights still turn into sleepless ones. So this series was birthed as a way to hold me accountable, spread the time frame a little more (and if you read all of them you will note that it will end up being longer than 30 weeks), and help me to "journal" my thoughts as I take this journey. Enjoy!

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