Zoë's Big Announcement

Well, Zoë is becoming quite the "talker" these days. No phrases yet, but she's full of plenty of words. She also loves to "talk" on the phone. Thus, she thought it was appropriate to spread the news like that...well, sort of.

Doesn't she look like she's talking to you on the phone ready to tell you something?

I thought that picture was perfect, but as the message is a little blurred...

...here's a picture where the message is a little clearer:

You guys, I am so excited to tell you that, God willing, Zoë will be a big sister this winter! And I honestly believe that she is going to be the best big sister a younger sibling could ask for! These pictures are several weeks old, but I'm glad I took them when I did because it's even harder to get her to sit still for pictures now. (Plus, what's not to love about the baby chub which is going away by. the. day. I can't take pics where she still looks like a baby anymore. Who stole my baby?!)

I look forward to sharing with you the journey this pregnancy takes our little family on! I've heard the journey from 3 to 4 can be quite the experience :)

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