An Enjoyable Weekend

So I had to post about this weekend. Mainly because my mom came into town and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Friday night was low key. We went and tried out a mexican restaurant that recently opened down the way. The owner seems to be a professed Christian as scripture is everywhere. (Even on the towing sign, you guys! I wish I had a phone that takes good pics! Ha!)

Zoë was so excited her Gigi was here and kept saying it all afternoon and then kept asking her to do stuff with her while she was here. (I must make note: Zoë's version of "Gigi" is this mouth closed version because she can't say a soft "g" sound, only a hard "g".) Of course, Gigi spoke Zoë's love language by bringing her a book; it happened to be her very first Curious George book.
Gigi being an elephant. Zoë had joined in but moves a little too quickly for me to capture it. There were elephants at the zoo, of course!

[image source]
Saturday we ran to some stores my mom wanted to stop at. We happened to pick up Zoë's very first step stool. I think it's so stinking cute! She won't really use it much yet, but as she's starting to show an interest in where we go to the bathroom and wanting to wash her hands (mostly because of the BUBBLES!), we went ahead and bought one. I love it sheerly because it fits right next to the toilet, but if we want it folds in half, practically flat, and she'll be able to carry it by the time she's 3 or 4 to anywhere she needs it very easily.

While we were out, my mom and Ben enjoyed doing this Bungee jump thing at the mall. Zoë laughed while they went up and down and Daddy looked like he was going to hit the ceiling. Poor dear wanted to get on once they were done :( She loves to bounce. (Does me telling you that she's always jumping in her crib when we go to get her in the morning or from a nap say anything to you?)

Zoë also showed us just how much she is loving her new found confidence in walking as she will walk anywhere we are, not just at home. She walked through most of the Katy Mills Mall without tiring! Of course, she napped really hard as soon as we got in the car. Didn't even wake up when we ran into TJ Maxx for a minute or once we arrived home!

The rest of our Saturday was spent hanging out, eating an early dinner at Johnny Carino's (I think I could gain several pounds from eating too much of their bread. OMG!), and watching "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" with my mom. She's currently going through the entire series on movie so it was fun to watch it with her as we're both avid Harry Potter fans. I don't think she's ever read the books, but maybe we can convince her too. :)

Though my mom had to leave around 10 on Sunday, she didn't leave without having some fun dancing with Zoë! Zoë got all divafied with some sunglasses Ben brought home from his works lost & found. (They'd been there since before Ben has been managing the store, which is coming up on a year.)

Then they danced around the living room for a bit:

(Pardon the blurry/fuzziness. My manual mode is messed up on my point&shoot, thus this is how movement is captured :/)

Zoë didn't stop asking for "Gigi" once she was gone. Made my heart sad that we don't live somewhere my mom can be more involved. Though she doesn't understand that Gigi had to go home yet, I think it's going to make it even harder when my mom leaves because she'll really get that it will be a while before she sees her again.

We all enjoyed our time with my mom/Gigi!

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