The Games We Play

Well, that title could go a couple different ways.

However, I have a light and funny post for you.

You see, Zoë is quite the imagnative child. She's always making up games I didn't know had the possibility of existing. The best parts of these games are they always involve some object already lying around our home (read: cheap. better yet, costs nothing!) and they entertain her for the better part of 15 minutes while using more energy than reading a book. (I'm so in love with the fact that she reads. That last statement is no knock against the amount of time she spends reading but an excitement for activities inside that use help her use energy.)

Anyway, I enjoy shuffling cards for the fun of it and I enjoy playing solitaire. Both have been happening when I'm sitting at the kitchen table for the better part of a couple weeks. Well, even if Zoë has been happily playing with Ben, she'll hear me begin shuffling cards, and come running with the largest smile on her face. Because I have an OCD obsession about my playing cards not being bent, we decided to pull out another deck that Zoë can play with.

She loves playing with the cards, even if it's just to sit and hand them to me to make a pile and then throw them all over again. Just that alone will entertain her for several minutes.

However, this past weekend, she invented a new game. One that has every one of us laughing. Us laughing at the delight she finds in it, her laughing because she has quite the child's sense of humor. (I must say that even if I'm biased, her sense of humor is great! Hope it blossoms!)

So anyway, Ben was playing with her, when he called me over to come see. Zoë was giggling up a storm as she brought cards to Ben, with her feet. She had figured out her feet could pick up the cards because they had enough moisture for them to stick. She would walk to a card, place her foot just so, pick it up to make sure the card was stuck, then walk, giggling, over to Ben. Once there, she would pick her foot up for Ben to pull the card off and place it in the stack in his hands. If he didn't put the card just so, she would fix it, giggle in delight with it being properly placed, and run off for another card.

Ah, the simple pleasure of a child. I love it so!

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