Something Not To Ask a SAHM

Ah, yes.

I'll give it to the kid who has given me the following story: they're only 21. They're single. And I'm not sure the background they were raised in. So, hopefully they learned from today, but if not, well, it may take a couple of people actually chewing them out. Because, by God's grace, I didn't.

So anyway, I met this person earlier this week and was in a group of people with them earlier yesterday before church started. They look at me and ask what I do.

Normal question for someone you've just met. I don't think anything of it.

And I give my typical answer: "I stay at home to raise my daughter."

However, the response I received was nothing among the typical answers. You know the "Oh that's great!" or "Wow! I wish I would have been able to." or "That's a huge blessing you're able to." I mean the types of response are limitless but, generally, very affirming.

In response I hear, "Well, I mean...did you ever have an occupation?"

Da da da!

Do what?!

I immediately reply, "Weeeeeell...yeah...but..."

The kid stumbles slightly but continues to ask what I did.

I'm not able to give a response because we started praying. I'm kind of hoping that would be the end of that conversation in effort to give the kid a slight break.

Buuut...they pursue it after we're done praying.

"So, what did you do?"

I tell them I was a Medical Assistant and have thought about going back to school for my RN. And then I graciously look at them and say, "Look. I'm being really nice to you right now, but it'd be smart to not ask 'Did you ever have an occupation?' with someone who's just told you they stay home with their kids. I know plenty of people who would rip you head to toe for asking it like that."

They don't really get the hint because they start babbling something about their mom and then even throw in that they're sister just had a baby so they "get it but I was just wondering, you know, if you ever made money." Or something to that affect. I kind of tuned them out in order to help my memory and in effort to give them grace.

What I find humorous about all of this is that obviously this person has never heard someone talk about what a mom woudl be payed for all the jobs she does. I'm not knocking those moms who have to work or choose to work. However, I am giving credit to those of us to have chose to and have the option to stay home to raise our children. We wear many hats in order to keep a home running. And all of those tally up to a rough 113k per year. (This article talks about different calculations.)

Ahh, it didn't put a dent in my esteem having this person ask me if I ever had an occupation, because I know (umm...well, I have to remind myself at times but still.) the importance of what I do. And I know that I have Ben backing me 100%. But it did give me a good laugh. And I hope that it will you as well.

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