When You're Exhausted...

...it may help you to take a little lesson from Zoë. She's got it down on how to fully grab life by the horns and yet still work in all her beauty rest.

First, you stay up late enjoying play time with friends while mom and dad sit in a class.

Then you make sure to get a good nights rest, eat a lovely breakfast, and play well before lunch.

When lunch comes around, make sure you have kept yourself awake enough to eat most of it. Falling asleep on an empty stomach is no bueno as you will wake up hungry and more cranky than if you hadn't taken an early nap at all.

Finally, once you're feeling full enough, don't worry about whether or not mom takes you out of your booster seat, fall asleep right where you are.


Prefect combo of grabbing life by the horns but not completely losing those extra hours of beauty sleep by staying up a little late!

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