Yep. Yep. Yeppers!

2 years with my wonderful, charming, geeky/nerdy (I call him both though I think he only claims the nerd description :) BTW, said proof of nerdiness is in the picture above. He knows biblical Hebrew [the language has changed, as most languages do over time, since then] and made sure they were correctly emblazoned on us for the rest of our lives), tall, red headed (Yes, don't you dare question me on that. It may be darker red, but he is a red head nonetheless. The color red some people would die for.), blue/grey/yellow/green that look blue (Don't question me on that, either. And please don't get close enough to him to figure it out. Just trust me on this one.) eyed, freckled, goofy, sweet man.

I'm not really sure where all the time has gone. Though I can say one thing:

He's definitely kept the "in sickness and in health" part of our vows.

I wasn't really blogging at the time two big illnesses slammed me. But he took care of me, even if by way of making sure someone was home so he could work. One of the times was through the longest week and a half of my life due to what was chalked up to nothing more than pure, ol', bonified vertigo. (I'm really glad that's what they decided because the other option was a life-long autoimmune illness that, though isn't unbearable and definitely liveable, was nothing that I wanted on my health record.) However, it was so bad I couldn't. even. crawl. I literally fell out of bed with a THWOMP onto the floor as though I'd fallen out in my sleep. I felt the effects of it (the vertigo) for weeks. I still get touches of it at times too.

And he cared for me like none other.

Then not four short months later, he was by my side at the hospital waiting to find out just what was wrong with me since a CT scan didn't show my appendix, which the doctors were so puzzled by because they were sure I was suffering from appendicitis.

Some many hours, two very fatigued people, and one severely bruised arm (two words: bad nurses) later, I was whisked away into surgery because the CT came back negative (YAY!) and the Ultrasound came back showing all my female organs were aok (YAY! But what the heck is wrong with me?!). Come to find out, my appendix was playing hide and seek with us. It needed to go. So much so it was almost ready to burst.

All of that was in the first 6 months of our marriage. 


I have the best. ever.

I hope that's not a foretelling of our future. I mean, our first two years have been anything but "normal" by the American dream standard. Though, I'm really glad. I'm kind of growing "out of love" (I use that term loosely because true love is a 100% bonified choice that comes with really, really good feelings and really, really horrible feelings [horrible because we're human, fallen, and perfectly imperfect]) with the American dream. (I will need to expound on that a different day.) I'm falling more in love with a God who has a completely different idea of what life should be like for me. And my family.

And now that I think about it, maybe I do want that to be a foretelling of our future. Because what it means is that we will continue to follow and serve a wonderful God who walks with us every step of our journey together.

And I can't imagine anyone else I'd rather share that journey with. THIS journey, actually. The one I'm in right now.

Though I don't hope for bad things to happen, I certainly can say we have both grown through the ups and downs of this shin dig, albeit short as it is. Well, I know I have and, if it's not out of line for me to speak for him, I'm pretty sure he'd say the same. Trust me, I know I'm no easy person to live with.

I'm so blessed to have him. Sometimes I'm not even sure it's real. 

Love you more today than ever, Ben! Thanks for being exactly the man God intended to place in my life. You're worth every moment of every day. I'm so blessed to call you mine. Though we might spend our celebration time just enjoying the fact you're over whatever it is you're sick with, that's worth it to me :) A reminder that all that matters is striving to love one another in a way that calls us up.

I will always see you as my better half!

Happy 2 years!


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