7 Months

Time flies way too fast. That statement might get old for everyone, but I'm just continually in disbelief how close we're getting to a year. We're past half way now and it still feels so surreal.

There are still moments I check my blind spot while driving only to be startled by the sight of a sun-guard in my line of vision or part of the car seat. I still step on toys strewn across the floor and have to remember, like I brought her home yesterday, that I have a child. I lose objects all the time and at times can't remember why I've had more difficulty remembering information here lately when she starts talking or crying and I'm jolted back to reality.

is my wonderful life now. And she is why it has changed in an oh-so-drastically-wonderful way.
(on a total side note: I use AF instead of MF on my point and shoot because I can't get it to focus properly. Is this normal to have that much difficulty getting it to focus? Any tips or should I just continue to let the camera do that job?)

I seriously can't get enough of her sweetness you guys! Her personality continues to blossom daily. Sometimes in not so wonderful, horribly stubborn (yet I know they will be an asset eventually) kind of way. However, it generally is in watching her make new discoveries, reach a new milestone, or portray a new characteristic.

My newest favorite is she likes to take my hand and place it on her leg or side while she's nursing. Sometimes she'll even have me pat her with it by using her hand to make mine do so. She has such a sweet spirit. It makes the times I'm working with her through her stubborn fit pitchings seem that less of a task.

Gah, I can't quit looking at the picture and thinking she's mine. All. mine.

I love her. So, so much!

7 Month Stats
  • wearing size 6-9 month and 9 month clothes now. There are a few 6-12 month jackets or onesies that don't quite fit you, but they're not so big that you can't wear them.
  • I'm not really sure what size shoe you wear because there are a few size 2 shoes that don't fit and several that are still slightly too big. But size one shoes seem to small. Maybe all the shoes are sized a little differently?
  • You are on a pretty consistent on wanting to breast fed 4 times a day. There are the occasional days where you squeeze in a 5th or even a 6th feeding but those are rare and usually you just need the extra close-close mommy time :)
  • You eat 3 solid meals a day. You have decided that avacado is no longer on the menu. I'm not really sure what happened there. Maybe because it is the most bland of all the foods you eat. You have added apples, peaches, plums, and pears to your menu. We're in the process of making sure prunes are ok, which I would assume they are considering they are only dried plums. Next up will be bananas.
  • You are working on your fine motor skills of picking up smaller objects. I like to let you practice with puff treats. Every now and then I will put one in your mouth and depending on your mood you like it or hate it. Needless to say I don't think finger foods are just around the corner, but it sure is cute watching you practice.
  • By my guess you weigh at least 17.5 pounds now. And I'm gonna say you've grown 1/4 to 1/2 inch considering you've outgrown 6 month clothes.
  • You say "mama" on a consistent basis now but your favorite time to say it is when you are crying and you want me. Daddy usually comes to find me with a look like "I can't help her any more, she wants you" look.
  • Daddy and I concurred this morning that you sing. A lot. You talk a lot to but there are times when you coo and we're pretty sure you're singing :) Can't wait until there are actual words being sung by that precious, little voice!
  • You are now very aware of object permanence and have a touch of separation anxiety from me. It was most obvious about three weeks ago after I had volunteered at Rhea Lana's. We were at Gigi and Poppa's when I handed you over to dad so I could go get something. Without letting me get even two feet away from you, you started crying. I kept walking not realizing what was going on until Gigi pointed out you were following me with your eyes and crying. It's sweet to know you want me (I have to soak it in now because I know the day will come when you won't want me in that way).
  • This also causes problems when I need to take something away from you. Usually you're ok if we trade objects, but there are certain ones you don't like to trade (i.e. my cell phone). 
  • I wrote a post about it earlier this week, but you're rolling everywhere now. I can't leave you alone for long before I hear you crying for me because you're stuck under the couch, or a leg is caught under the recliner, or you're even completely under the pack 'n play.
  • Not that you haven't done this in the past, just that it has become more purposeful: you reach out to touch my cheek with your hand now and look into my eyes.
  • You sit up by yourself though you can't get to a sitting up position without help and this bugs you
  • You sleep straight through the night which is usually from 730ish to 7am sometimes it's 7-7
My Sweet Little Lady,

Not a day doesn't go by that I'm sure I tell you I love you a million times. God is growing me so much in so many good ways because he has blessed me with you. I wouldn't trade it for a million years.

The more time we spend together, the more I am able to respond to you in a way that meets your need. There are still many times I feel like it's all guess work but I do feel like those times are less and less.

I know I will not be a perfect mommy, no one is, but I know that as long as I continue to seek God he will help me to be exactly the mommy that you need. I just hope that I use my imperfections as opportunities to point you to your Heavenly Father who is perfect and the meaning of this life.

You bring such joy to both daddy and me! Often times (and this time is no different), words do not do justice.

I love you fiercely, sweet girl! (And your daddy does too!)


I couldn't do a 7 month post without photos :) Especially since I didn't get to last month.

 This is how the monthly "see how I'm growing" photo went

 See? It wasn't so easy to get...

at. all.

...but I did get it...sort of.

Oh how I love her! This was a test pic and I'm SO MAD I had the camera this tilted. Oh well.

The boots caused quite a bit of distraction.

but I caught this cute pic because of it :)

They taste good too.

Those blue eyes...I'm gonna have to not look at them when I'm disciplining...

Just a talkin' away.

Before the boots found the mouth. So darn cute!!

Ben is looking into purchasing a shot gun ;)
(side note: I wish I had an actual backdrop, but this is what worked in our backyard. Kind of don't mind the look it gave the photo, though it wasn't what I was going for.)

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