Memory Monday v. 15

I want to cherish for a lifetime...

...how you sang in church yesterday. I had to come get you out of the nursery because, between teething and separating anxiety, you just didn't last all service. I had an inkling it would happen. The minute I picked you up you seemed ok. A little shaken, still recovering from crying (I took forever to get to you because my phone lost service :(), but happy to be in my arms. I decided we would be fine going back in the service because they were singing. The minute you realized what was going on, you started your singing coo. And kept singing with them. Even the people sitting behind us told me, after service was over, I have a singer :).

 I can't wait to actually hear Zoë sing with words. Anytime she starts singing or wakes up singing I picture Boo from Monsters, Inc. Of course, I'm kind of excited about the fact I will be able to make little pig tails like hers one day, too. Put the two together and I think I have a world's cutest sweetie :) (Yeah, yeah...I know I'm severely biased.) My biggest prayer is that I will hear her little voice worshiping Jesus. Nothing sweeter to my *future* ears!

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