The Sillyness...

...I call my husband. Though I can't always post what he says because I forget most of it, today I happened to capture a wonderful picture of said sillyness.

Behold the wonder of a 32 pack :)

Bahaha! I still laugh just thinking about it.

We had purchased a few more ice trays so it would be easier for me to make multiple baby foods in a fell swoop. When we arrived home, Ben started cleaning some of the dishes in the sink and I handed him the trays to add to it. He immediately took one and shoved it up his shirt, "Ever seen an 8 pack?" he asked.

I couldn't help but laugh because 1) he counted only half of the cube slots and 2) it was funny. He then decided that wasn't enough and shoved a second one up his shirt.

I love how I never know just exactly will come out of him. Keeps me on my toes and keeps me laughing :)

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