You think you have it until God allows some test to be thrown your way. I'm sure it's one of Satan's favorite games. At least it's his favorite to play with me right now: how much patientce does Megan really have?

It is my biggest fault when it comes to properly responding to my child when she's pitching a fit or continues to have a crying session for no known reason to man. It's definitely not a pretty picture when I'm fatigued.

However, I do notice God is working. The times I respond of myself are becoming more rare. The times I respond where I know it had nothing to do with me grow. I am absolutely certain part of it is prayer. I have a wonderful group of gals here who I've been updating on a weekly basis and know many of them are praying. I'm also sure it is partly God giving me grace and allowing me to close my eyes and pray where I normally would have some horrible outburst because I lose my patience.

Though I know God will always be perfecting me in this area, it is such a peace of mind knowing I can already see his hand on this area of my life.

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