I'm stuck! I'm stuck! MOMMY!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure my daughter would be saying that a lot right now if she were able. It only comes out in cries though. Cries for help.

You see, I'm not really sure of when it started, but it's dawned on me that she is now rolling around the room. And that includes getting stuck under the couch or the pack n' play. Here's some cute proof (you know before she realized she was stuck):

 So the lighting wasn't the best, but hey. She's still a doll, I'd say. 

 I just can't get enough of her sweet chubbiness. Especially those cheeks. Sometimes I want to be like the grandma you can't stand when they say hi because they just have to pinch your cheeks :) I resist though.

 Those faces. Oh how I love those faces!

"You know, Mom, I could care less about getting water. This cup is GREAT for teething."

I've also caught her over at a wall where we have electronic appliances plugged in. Guess this means I can't just leave her alone in the middle of a room anymore.

So I say: Let the fun begin!

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