21 Weeks [A Bumpdate]

Is it sad I'm a bit comforted there isn't much difference between this week and last?
How Far Along: I am 21 weeks and 5 days128 days until I'm 40 weeks.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Ironically, I found out I lost two pounds at my OB appointment last week. I was really kind of shocked. The first words out my mouth when he looked at me while stating, "So, you lost two pounds," but with this "Are you really eating?" questioning behind it were this: "I promise I'm eating. I have no clue how this happened." He looked at Ben, who had taken off since it was also our big anatomy scan appointment, to confirm and without hesitation he was nodding his head. Thankfully, my OB turned back to me and said, "Well, I'm gonna say it all went to the baby." Of course, I agreed after seeing the difference in myself from my weekly bumpdate pics. Here, see for yourself:
I mean, the proof is all in the bump's growth. Seriously. And honestly, I don't think my doctor was excessively concerned considering the ultrasound results were great, my health seems to be doing great, and my weight gain is still in a healthy range for a normal pregnancy. 

Food Aversions (and "no nos"): Bananas are my only complete aversion. I actually came across BBQ several times this week and it smelled great! Tried some and it definitely hit the spot, well...it tasted good. I haven't craved BBQ. In fact...

Gimme' some of that!: ...I haven't had a craving since I satisfied my need for lemonade last week. I still really like lemonade, thus bought some to give me a variation of plain ol' water. Let's face it: drinking 4+ bottles of water, 32 ounces each (because I'm now curious after typing that: the minimum amount I've been drinking is 128 ounces or a GALLON), a day. Holy smokes! A freakin' gallon of water a day?! With other fluids not calculated in there? Good grief. Anyway, I enjoy having a glass of lemonade to balance out the freakin' gallon of water I drink a day. 

How I Feel: Pretty good. I can't stand for long periods of time but we found out this week it's because of the way our sweet Aubrey is choosing to get comfy. (By the way, if you missed the gender reveal video, you can check it out here.) She's scooching her little bum as far down as it can go and resting her head on my vena cava. Thus swelling and circulation problems in my right leg galore! Woot! Oh, as well as complete confirmation I am housing a bladder dweller. Fun times...not!

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new. Full panel pants are my hated friend. Is it possible to have a hated friend? Maybe it's like the awful medicine you have to take to get better. You don't like it but it totally isn't something you want to skip because you know you'll regret not taking it. Yeah, I think that describes my relationship with the blasted full panel. Also, I am almost unable to wear t-shirts to sleep in. If it's not maternity, the length is barely covering my bump and/or the material is too tight on my middle, of which I am not a fan.

Movement: Quite consistent. I'm loving it. I think it's hilarious she moves more if too much pressure is put on any part of her little home. She has also moved up to my hand when I rub my belly. If I pat, she'll find a new spot, but if I rub my hand up and down, she'll press into the side she's feeling me do that to. She moved a ton during the ultrasound; I'm under the impression she hated having the tech push on her with the wand. The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Doc came in to take a quick look once the tech was done (I'll explain in a different post, but everything is fine with Aubrey.) and she had fallen asleep in the 15 minutes she'd been left to her normal home. However, almost as soon as the wand was pushing, she covered her face up. Yes, I realize I'm projecting into actions of my unborn child. Yes, I try not to do this with Zoë and will try not to do this with Aubrey once she is here. But the motherly intuition I have would put this guess for her actions into the pot. Just sayin'.

Sleep: Eh...sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not so good. There isn't too much of a rhyme or reason to it. It has helped I moved our alarm clock, which has a ridiculously bright back light, to a different part of my dresser so the light isn't right in my face. However, I think my body is getting me ready for Aubrey's arrival because good sleep comes and goes. Much like the many phases babies go through with their developing sleep patterns. Though I will say I'm thankfuly it isn't trying to prepare me for the newborn phase yet. I'll be happy if it waits until at least the last few weeks of pregnancy for that.

What I Miss: Honestly, the one thing I find myself talking about is how I can't wear demi-band maternity pants. I never wore anything more than an under the belly band during my pregnancy with Zoë. I loved being able to feel like I was still wearing semi-normal pants. With the full-panel, I feel like I'm completely undressing/redressing every time I go to the bathroom. Pain. in. the. bum!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Making it another week in the pregnancy.

Favorite Moment of the Week: Getting to see my sweet baby. And to hear everything looks good in there, she's growing just fine. Blessing upon blessing!

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