22 Weeks [A Bumpdate]

How Far Along: I am 22 weeks and 5 days. 121 days until I'm 40 weeks.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Oh I am determined to buy a scale. I'm so stinking curious to know my weight considering according to my last appointment I had lost. I don't feel like I'm losing, but I have no way to tell what's really going on with my weight. So the most I currently know is I have only gained 6 pounds total in this pregnancy. This is a far cry different from my pregnancy with Zoë, as by this point I think I had already gained a good 15 pounds. Very different.

Food Aversions (and "no nos"): BANANAS! Keep them AWAY! Gah they smell awful and make my stomach churn almost just by seeing them. However, I think if they are well hidden in banana nut bread where other spices and flavor may cover the banana taste, I would be ok. Just the smell and sight of an actual banana: YUCK!

Gimme' some of that!: Well, I guess you could say I wanted "coconut dreams", but the thing was we already had them in the pantry, I was really just looking for something "sweet" (sweet foods seem to be my go to, thus I've bought lemonade to have at home to help. I feel it isn't as bad as some other foods I could be eating.), and apparently I was hungry when I was wanting the something sweet. So I had to keep myself from eating the entire package. I think I did pretty well considering I was able to stop myself at 4, the serving size is 2, and well...I don't know what else. Ha!

How I Feel: T.I.R.E.D! I'm pretty sure I will be one of those women who never truly gets a second wind in the second trimester. I have so many days I fight sleeping because if I give in, I'm pretty sure I would sleep all day. No bueno. Zoë would be a mess. She'd also miss her mommy. So I try to limit sleep to nap time and make myself go to bed early.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing has changed here. I'm thankfully in the stage where maternity clothes are comfortable and I'm not hating all my clothes yet. I'm hoping the day I hate everything I have to wear waits until at least the last month of pregnancy. That would be great!

Movement: Lots. First thing in the morning, usually before I go to bed, and any time I eat something. Sometimes, I think I've felt her have the hiccups, which kind of makes me laugh. Otherwise, it's usually some kicks with flips and then she's still, so I'm guessing she's trying to reposition to get cozy in there before a nice little nap.

Sleep: I guess it's good? I don't feel like I'm getting enough, but I have noticed I'm not waking in the MOTN as much either.

What I Miss: Sitting however I please to get comfy. I literally have to move myself around until I find a spot Aubrey is fine with (aka she isn't flipping over and over and over to get comfortable) and my hips, legs, and back aren't hurting. And unfortunately for public situations, my most comfortable positions are lying on either side, sometimes curled up funny.

What I'm Looking Forward To: I may say this every week, but being pregnant after a miscarriage, you're always thankful for one more week with no problems, feeling yourself grow (though the lovely ligament stretching pains aren't so comfy), and knowing you're one week closer to delivering a baby at the proper time.

Favorite Moment of the Week: As we were grocery shopping this past week, I felt Aubrey snuggle up. I immediately put my hand where she was, pat her, and told her hello. Zoë looked up from her raisins (I love bringing snacks with us on grocery trips. Seriously.), put her hand where mine had been, and began patting Aubrey. She then waved and said "hi". Oh. my. word! I die! My sweet, little girl is going to be the best big sister ever! It makes my heart full seeing the blessing of the child I have now and the one I am currently carrying, to see how God's hand really is on our little family, and though I know there will be plenty of fighting going on, there will also be lots of love growing between my two earth babies. So, so sweet!

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