Weekly Letters

Dear Ben, this week hasn't been near as bad as I expected. I'm still no fan of your weird schedule which has you home late some days and early others, but can I really complain about it considering your early days are Thursday and Friday? The change in your schedule makes it way hard to eat as a family every night, but I am grateful you wait to eat when you arrive home so we can spend time as a family. I have a feeling this will be extremely important once Aubrey has arrived. Sometimes my fears of the difficulties make me wish we lived close to my mom, but I'm so grateful for these opportunities for us to build our relationship and our family, to begin to form tight bonds early on and hopefully continue until He calls us home. Love you best friend!

My Sweet, Dear Zoë, you are growing too fast. Would you please slow down just for a moment? I blink and it seems you've grown again, not just in stature but in the way you are interacting with life. Of course, you are building quite the will, beginning to pull against me when I'm asking you for something you need to give back to me. (This is usually because somehow your little curiosity has found an object I wasn't aware you can get.) And yet, as your will grows, so does your sweet spirit. I mean, how can I not melt when you walk up to my belly, pat it, and wave while uttering the cutest "hi" or "hello" (pronounced "allo") to Aubrey. Oh and when you say her name, every now and then you sort of get the "r" in there, but usually you say "Auby". I want to squish you when you say it; you're so stinking cute! Also, you completely made my day on Tuesday: I asked for a hug, which you willing gave one of your best, longest, sweetest hugs ever. As I was smoochying your cheek (can't get enough of those baby cheeks while you still have them :]), you freely gave me a sweet, sweet kiss. Ahhh!!! You may have a free will and really want to do what you want, but deep inside of you, even in the hard moments, is this heart filled with a sweetness. You are precious! I love you!

Dear Aubrey, I feel you move consistently now. I wonder if you're going to be a little ball of energy or it's just you trying to get comfortable. Also, I'm pretty sure you've had the hiccups several times this week. You must be practicing swallowing a lot in there. Wish I could see you open and close your mouth, but I know I'll get plenty of that once you're in my arms. I cannot believe I'm now closer to holding you than I am to the beginning of carrying you. Yikes! It simultaneously makes me excited and freak out as I haven't done much to "plan" for your arrival. Don't worry, we will be ready before you come as long as you don't surprise us! Keep growing strong, sweet girl! Mommy (and Daddy - he talks to you quite frequently - and Zoë too) all can't wait to meet you. I love you!

Dear Fall Weather, thank you for showing your face. I mean, seriously! - this is glorious! I'm not much of a fan of the fact the day warms up and I could be ok in shorts again by noon, but I am so grateful to wake up to a crisp feeling in my room and to open the door to be greeted by the cool morning air. Ahhhh!! Please, do not pack your bags. You are welcome here!

Dear Tapestry Group, I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know all you ladies. And though this may seem so very trivial, I am still excited we all decided we'd love to take our time working through Luke. Weight. off. the. shoulders! Now I feel as though I can dig a little deeper, not feel so rushed. And just the life we are living together, getting to know one another little bits, so fun! The dynamics of our group make me giggle with glee. And I must say I love we are all in different stages of life. So much to learn from each other. I know our year as barely begun, but I'm already looking forward to each meeting. I feel God has great things in store for us!

Dear Allergies, Go away! I'm sick of randomly sneezing, especially while eating. It is no fun! So if you would please pack up and let me enjoy the wonderful weather without your hindrance, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Dear Worry, I would like you to note you had no foot hold this week. God has been good and He is faithful. I am choosing to place all trust in His sovereign hand with Aubrey and the many other struggles in my path lately. Peace flows over me, taking me captive. You attempt to come in, but you're given nothing more than an opportunity to knock at the door. So while I know my struggle with you will not be over until I am praising God for all eternity, I would like you to note, you have currently lost this battle. And the war, oh, well...it's already won!

Great and Faithful Daddy, I am still basking in Your goodness, Your mercy, Your love shown to me in this past week! I have no words yet my heart wants to cry out, "YOU alone are good!!!" Thank you! You did not have to show me such favor at my appointment. You could have chosen this to be yet another trial to walk through, to trust You in, and while I still must choose to trust You in this wonderfully blessed area of my life, to have already seen Your sovereign hand go before me....THANK YOU!!

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