Cousins at the Farm

This past weekend we were able to get together with Ben's cousin and her family. We always enjoy our time with them and now we've added even more fun as we have kids who are only 3 months apart. Throw into the mix a pumpkin-patch-with-fun-activities filled farm and you're sure to have a great time. Though we all agreed next year it's better to go later.

You see, we had been watching the weather to see if it was going to stay pretty for us and if the temps were going to be bearable. And when an overcast day is projected with temps in the 80s, you think you're going to be safe. Especially with a projected cool front headed your way.

Well, it didn't cooperate. The sun was out bright as can be with no cloud coverage to give relief.

However, we didn't allow it to dampen our spirits.

Zoë wasn't so into taking pictures as a family. This was the best we were able to get. I'm pretty sure she was already hating how hot it was. Also, note here my hair is down. The rest of the pictures, I kept it up. It was H-O-O-O-O-T!! We do live in Southern Texas. I shouldn't expect much else :/ It was just a bummer as we were supposed to have some great cloud coverage all day with it raining in the afternoon. Needless to say that didn't happen.

Look at her smirk. She cracks me up!

Trecking out to the pumpkin patch. We decided it'd be best to go out there first in hopes the kids would cooperate for pictures. We knew if we waited until the end, they would probably be done.

Yet again, Zoë just wasn't having it. Thankfully, it wasn't because ants were getting her. I sure had my fair share of ant bites from being out there.

I will say I was a bit bummed it's not a cut your own pumpkin patch. We're not sure if they grow them off site and bring them in or if it's just too stinkin' hot down here to grow pumpkins so they have to bring them in.

Look at my stinker! What a face :)

The best we were able to get of Zoë and mommy. I'm not sure why but we forgot to get one of Ben with her. The ants might have attacked. I don't remember though.

The farm also raises Christmas trees. Starting the weekend after Thanksgiving, you can go and cut down your own Christmas tree. They had some really pretty trees, but there were so many people milling around I didn't try to capture them.

Zoë and H checking out the flowers. 

And romping around in the grass. They were in heaven!

Seriously, what kind of mischeif is she planning? I capture this face a lot, obviously.

This little man was headed straight for the tent support you see in my camera view. He walked right up to it and started making it spin. He got a good laugh out of it. So cute!

Little wagon riding buddies! So much fun they're the same age.

This pony really wanted to sniff Zoë. However, you're not supposed to pet the animals. I'm not really sure why. But, as soon as said pony was sticking it's nose through the fence Zoë let out a big, "WHOOOA!" I think it sort of surprised her and she has never seen such a nose. There was a donkey we pet before we knew we weren't supposed to. She thought the nose felt funny and tried to point out the Donkey's eye. Umm...actually she still tries to poke eyes out when she points to it and says "eye". We spared the Donkey such horror, though. She did love the donkey's ears. She got all excited from touching it :)

What is this weird nose sticking out at me?!

Walking with daddy past the duck pond.

They have these huge bouncing pillows. I would have gone but I was afraid I'd bounce Aubrey right out. Zoë went with Ben and they thoroughly enjoyed it. You can see here she's trying to jump by herself.

Look at that smile! Someone was in bouncing heaven!

All in all, we had a great time at the farm. They have a ton of stuff you can do for free and then activities like the bouncing pillows you can pay for. The fun part is many of them, including the bouncing pillows, are an all day pass once you pay for it. H and Zoë were a little young for many of the free activities this year, but we're pretty sure next year we may have munchkins who don't want to leave at all!

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