3 Months Old

So I am a wee bit behind on posting this but as this is the first opportunity I have, this is as good as it's gonna get :) And warning it is long...

I cannot believe she is 3 months old already! I mean...where on earth did time go? I was able to capture a few good photos of her on her actual 3 month birthday so I will post those. I am also going to start posting a picture of her on a blanket my aunt, her great aunt, made for her once a month. That way we have some way to really mark just how big she is getting. I really don't want to say that...you know I want to put a brick on her head and keep her this small forever....but then again I don't. But without further lamenting her growing like a wild flower (a sweeter way than calling her a weed ;)), here is said picture (oh and pardon that it is awful - it was a quick one and I didn't look at it until way after the fact...oops!):


I know there is no point of reference but she is getting SO big! She's getting close to weighing 15 pounds and I'm sure she's at least 25 inches by now! CAH-RA-ZY!

Here are some pictures from our little photo shoot. Be ware - there are quite a few!

We were not too happy (and started getting sleepy) about the photo shoot :) Oh and notice the bow didn't last...it's not on in any of the other pics.

I absolutely love how she sucks on her bottom lip! For whatever reason, I think this is sooo sweet :)

My little Sweet Pea! I just love how her face lights up when she smiles. So not happy this pic is quite noisy!

Oh the faces she makes! I'm pretty sure I think this one is cute now and will hate it later. HA!

My happy chunky monkey :) Oh and I absolutely love her toes in this picture!

Seriously! My happy baby...loves her. Very much. And love how the camera captured the movement of her hands and feet, which were happily moving with excitement.

I think it's cute how this pic looks like she's getting ready to clap.

Yet another classic Zoë face...oh can the girl make some faces!

LOVE this! To me it shows just how happy and content she really is. And I love that she's pulling up her shirt.

Ummm...may I say how MAD I am this pic is so out of focus?! I JUST WANNA EAT HER UP! And this adorable pic had to come out so fuzzy...GAH!

Sweet Zoë Girl,

Baby, you are so precious to me! I cannot believe how much you have grown in so little time! You are the best surprise God could have ever given me! There are many times I wish I could find a way to keep you all tiny and small. But that is futile and as much as I love your little bitty self, I cannot wait to see you grow into the woman God has created you to be.

Our days are being spent with you awake more and more. And even though it can be very hard because you get overtired (I'll explain in a bit), you are more happy and content overall.

Here is what you are up to these days:
  • You rolled over from tummy to back for your second time about 2 weeks ago. Still haven't reproduced it but you keep getting close.
  • You wear size 2 diapers.
  • You have been wearing 3-6 month clothes for about 2 weeks and also fit 6 month clothes now.
  • You squeal in delight at times.
  • You talk all the time. It is soooo cute! You were even talking to yourself in the car today. Oh for the day you have words! Your mouth will run constantly I am sure :)
  • You look directly at someone when they're talking to you now.
  • For people you've gotten to know and really like (especially myself and daddy) you do this really cute shy smile sometimes. For instance, if daddy is holding you and I start talking to you, you will smile but hide your face in his chest. Oh so precious!
  • You are a master at boycotting naps. Every now and then you will sleep for an hour but generally we're doing well if I can get you to take about 6 - 30 minutes naps.
  • BUT I can't complain - you sleep through the night like a champ! You go down around 7:30 and wake up some where between 6:30 and 7 A.M.
  • You do fight sleep. For practically every nap, and bedtime as well, though not every time, you scream like a banshee. But once we get you somewhat calm and put you down, you don't fuss but 5 minutes and you're out like a light (that is for bedtime at least ;) told you you boycott naps!).
  • I would not classify you as a fussy baby. HOWEVER, you currently fuss quite a bit from being overtire due to boycotting naps.
  • You eat every 3.5 to 4 hours and total about 6 times a day. You take a 5 oz bottle during your dream feed like a champ. Oh and you're down to eating in about 15 minutes total (well...you were until you began to be more interested in the world around you...now it takes a bit longer but I'm sure that won't last forever).
  • You can support your chest and hold your head up when on your tummy. This is a very recent development. Unfortunately, it hasn't helped your hate of tummy time. I'm thinking it's going to take you being able to sit up on your own.
  • You can hold your head completely steady. You sit in the bumbo at times and I've tried the johnny jump up once but I didn't have a blanket to help fill in the huge gap in the seat :)
  • You are into grabbing objects and blankets or clothes you can get your hands on. Here are some cute pictures of you doing so:


Your owl rattle is one of your favorite objects. Also the blanket you're on is another one of your faves. Your great-Aunt Kelly made it for you.


Love this pic as well! Your cute little belly showing :)
  • You are working on laughing. There are several times you looked like you would but couldn't get a noise out. I'm thinking that by your 4 month birthday we will have heard that precious giggle escape your lips.
  • You suck your thumb. Mommy isn't so happy about that one as I'm not looking forward to the day I have to break it, but you are able to sooth yourself so... Here is some proof:
    terrible picture as your eyes have no light in them but it was the best I could capture
Sweet Pea, I love you so much. I am so happy you are mine! Your interest in the world around you is so much fun to watch. It is my joy to stay home with you and help you learn the world around you. You are precious, my little princess (and daddies too!).

Love you baby!

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