Memory Monday v. 1

So I was on vacation last week. Hence the one non-noteworthy post :)

But I've been trying to think of a way to help me post more. As the wheels in my brain were turning, I began thinking of what I blog for. And when it comes down to it, the biggest thing is to freeze parts of time so they will always be remembered. And these days, I need that just so I have the memories because let's face it: as much as I would love to be a photog and capture a lot of my days in pictures, I'm still not one to adorn my neck with a camera. Thus I will start my "Memory Monday". A short but sweet and easy post. Plus, a great way to capture in word picture those moments I want to cherish for a lifetime!

I want to cherish for a lifetime...

the way you eat with so much gusto there is no hiding what you are doing. As if I was not already shy about feeding you in public, you definitely eat in a way to make me search for the darkest, abandoned corner possible if the car is not near :) Those loud, smacking sucks - so sweet. And only for my blessed eyes to see: how you gracefully close your eyes, not for want of sleep but from pure enjoyment of your meal. I may not enjoy breastfeeding but you sure do make some tender moments from one of my most hated tasks.

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