Learning to Roll

Yeah. The early phases. I mean she rolled over once at about 6 weeks of age. Then she did it again at 11 weeks. The awesome part of the 2nd time: my sister was taking pictures when she did it.

 Trying desperately to get her head up enough to look at Aunt Lindsey

Starting to get the leverage and momentum needed...

 And she has made it to her side...

 Ta Da!!

Due to her dislike of tummy-time (still), she has yet to reproduce this. However, she has started rolling from her back to her side. I don't think she's too interested in getting to her tummy so she tottering from back to side seems to keep her perfectly content.

As for some precious, precious pictures my sister caught:

My sweet happy drooler :) I absolutely love how she puts her hands together. So dainty! All girl!

I am oh so in love with her blue blue eyes! She got them from her daddy.

Always determined to let us know exactly how she feels. No guess work here.

Self-soothing. Loves her hand, fingers, and thumb. Whatever part of her hand she can get comfortably to her mouth first, that's what she'll be sucking on.

Love her sweet smile and how it pushes her chubby cheeks. I love her so much!

So grateful Lindsey took the time to take these pictures for me. And edit several. It's nice to have Zoë captured at different stages, especially considering she's rapidly leaving them behind. Love my precious, baby girl!

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