Napping: My Current Nemesis

So Zoë is not a fan of naps. At all. But what child is? I mean there is so much to learn and explore. She is even in the process of discovering her body in multiple ways: grabbing her feet, putting her hands together, looking at her hands, moving her tongue around, sticking her tongue out, any part of her she can find a new way to view.

All of these new discoveries are much better than the idea of a nap to her. It makes life interesting. So I try to find information that will aid me in helping her nap. And I liked a post I found. But one thing I really liked was this:

Here are a few other napping notions to keep in mind:
  • Many new moms spend too much time comparing their baby to others, wondering why her baby is not napping as long, as frequently, as soundly, etc. Remember that your child's sleep habits are all part of his unique developing persona, and that together you will figure out sleep patterns at your own pace.
  • If you are traveling or if your baby is sick, your whole napping schedule may get thrown out of balance. Be patient with your baby and with yourself: Don't expect your baby to jump right back into the old routine. She may be back to it after a few days, or it may change completely! Keep watching the cues for fatigue and prep her for nap time.
{You can read the entire article here}

I love talking with my friends and sister and older moms just to see what they did that works. But what I am always in need of reminding and loved that they said is how you can't compare your child to others.  Not that I sit around and compare. It's more sometimes I find myself wishing she was just a tid bit different, easier.

And then I remind myself of truely how blessed I am. How content my little tater tot is most of the time. And how in the long run, this whole napping business will be a thing of the past that truly mattered very little.

It's a great way to keep me on my toes and find new ways to help her discover the world around her but also teach her that naptime is not something she can completely skimp on :)

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