If I didn't have to explain, this would be a wordless Wednesday. BUT I've been meaning to post a picture of the painting I did to hang above Zoë's crib. This is what Ben and I opted to do since we don't have a nursery (we will rejoice the day we have our room back to ourselves!). Ben helped - he painted the verse in Hebrew on the bottom.

The top right corner is Zoë's name written in greek.

It's a bit rough for a painting but we were pleased with the way it came out. I've actually caught her looking up at it, probably because of all the contrast. No matter reason, it's cute to me :)

I'll also leave you with a video of Zoë in the Johnny Jump Up. I think it's cute because occasionally she will be able to jump but usually she just spins in circles while staring at her toys. Here ya go:

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  1. Thanks! Did your husband just want to learn or he did so for his degree? I think my husband would have done it for fun period but it was part of his major :) I for one am not great at it (he's tried to teach me bits and pieces), it's fun watching him enjoy it though!


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