Memory Monday v. 4

I want to cherish for a lifetime...

The way you cuddle (and have since I would assume conception considering you have since I could feel you move in the womb). Zoë, not to say any siblings that may come after you won't cuddle, but it is your nature. We have recently started calling you our koala baby because of the way you spread your arms across Mommy or Daddy's chest when you're being held and cling to our shirt (or our skin if fabric isn't available). Then you find a place to nestle your head and, if you so desire in that moment, nuzzle your nose into the nape of our neck. I so wish attachments wouldn't be formed if I allowed you to sleep on me for every nap because the way you cuddle when you're asleep is just as sweet (obviously I've done it some since I know :)).

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