Wordless Wednesday v. 1...almost

It's a mostly Wordless Wednesday. But I have to tell this quick story.

Zoë and I went to Target this afternoon in hopes of her actually getting the sleep she was screaming for by one p.m. today after not napping well this morning. She slept. Really well. However, it decided to rain cats and dogs while we were wandering around the store. So we wandered some more in hopes it would stop. It did. For about 10 seconds. So as we stood at the front waiting for a slight break, this sweet lady offered to let her teenage son walk us to the car. He didn't even complain his mom had given him to help us. And the amazing part of that is the umbrella he would be using was only large enough to keep my sweet pea from getting soaked. He even struck up a conversation. And the kid was painfully shy. Reminded me of myself :) Just had to tell that because lately I have felt like the crazy witch in stores lately.

I mean, I am stared down my everyone when Zoë cries in a store. Like I'm horrible to have her out in public while she cries. Because I truly have control over when she does and doesn't cry. Oh wait! She would never cry if it was in my control. It was nice to see some people still care. 

But here is my wordless Wednseday:
Sleepy Head
My Sweet, Sweet Baby

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